Sunday, March 11, 2012


Good morning!  I think I am ready to teach my lesson this afternoon.   I have all of my pictures gathered, the outline printed large enough so that I can see it, the handouts for people to read...also large so that people can see it....but no chocolates.  I just didn't feel good about that today.  So I am trying to come up with a handout.  I think I have found one that will work.  I feel strangely calm about it all at the moment.  But as the time approaches I am sure I will be a little more anxious.  It's one of those inevitables.  But who knows?  I may be calm and nonplussed...I just looked up nonplussed to see if I was using it right.  And apparently it has opposite meanings.  The way I had intended...calm and unperturbed is not the real meaning.  That surprised me, as it is the only way I have ever seen it used.  You can explore this on your own if you feel so inclined:)  I think I am beginning to feel the real meaning of the word just thinking about it:)
Well, I just wanted to wish you a worshipful and happy Sabbath Day out there in cyberspace.  Keep smiling!  And I hope you have a lovely day.  TTTL   Melody

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LeAnn said...

You must share some thoughts on your lesson. Now, I think I would have loved the chocolate as a handout. On the other hand a good handout can leave the thoughts on the lesson in your mind for longer than chocolate in your mouth.