Friday, March 30, 2012

Not a Total Waste

Good evening!  I am feeling very proud of myself:)  Well, not that kind of proud....the good kind, when you've accomplished something despite yourself.  Which is what I did today.  I really was not kidding when I said I just wanted to crawl back into bed....maybe I wasn't that explicit, but it is how I felt.  With Mel's help I got the canvas stretched and the first coat of gesso onto my canvas (Yay!....and double yay!)....I also called almost everyone in the ward to invite them to an impromptu bridal shower tomorrow:)  Jodell's daughter is getting married in a few weeks, and because of miscommunicated shower arrangements the shower ended up being tomorrow instead of a month from now, which had my sweet friend Jodell feeling rather frantic!  So I feel like I didn't totally waste my day, which is really how I was afraid it would end up today.  I think all of the gray weather is starting to get to me.  Anyway, I feel good that I didn't give into the dark side:)  I also cleaned the bathrooms and did some laundry!  I know....I am amazing!  Ha, ha!  And maybe a little light deprived.  I am so glad tomorrow is General Conference!! I am hoping for some extra light to recharge with tomorrow!!!   If you haven't ever watched the LDS General Conference you are really missing out!  Here is a link.  Info page  It starts on Saturday at 10.  You should be able to link to the live broadcast from that link.
Well, I guess I have shared my difficult day enough.  I really hope the sun shines soon!  I will have to stare at those broad spectrum lights soon if it doesn't.  I think I have one for growing plants somewhere:) Anyway, I am still smiling...thanks!  I know blogging helps, too.  And art!  I did do a little drawing today.  Although not nearly enough.  And I think the thing that helped the most was talking to Taylor and Gabe on the phone.  And having an at-home-burger-watching-the-TV-movies-date night with Mel.  We were both too tired to leave the house:)  Yeah, we are really getting old!  Oh well.  I don't know how to grow younger, so this is going to have to do:)  Take care and have a wonderful night!  Melody

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