Friday, March 16, 2012

OCD - Over Committed...Dazzelingly!

Good morning!  I am up and obsessing about Don Quixote:)  I keep redrawing him and recoloring him.  I seem to be able to get the ballerina just fine, but ol' Don is giving me fits.  And it is probably because I am not very good at photoshop.  Sigh!  Oh well.  I am getting better each try.  And last night I kept having dreams about layers:)  Layers of cake mostly, but also layers of Max and layers of school papers.  It was weird.  In case you are unfamiliar with photoshop, there is a bunch about layers of images.  It is really very cool, but complicated in a way.  I keep forgetting to switch layers.   And yes, I am obsessing!
So how's your morning?  I hope good.  It's weird to write a blog.  I always feel a little me centered.  And I really think it is odd.
Well, I had better get hopping.  I have visiting teaching this morning.  And I need to go back to the school when I get this DQ done and reprint it.  And I should paint!  I brought home my mirror painting, and I should start in on my wave painting.  I may start with a large canvas and a mop....still thinking that one over.  I am having fun just thinking about it though.  Remember I am pulling for you!!!  We're all in this together:)  Take care!  And HAVVVVVVGW!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

You are amazing at all that you are doing with your art work and photo work. I am very impressed. Keep up the good works and slow down a little. This sounded like a really busy day.
Blessings to you!