Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Post for tonight

Good evening!  I just got back from taking Taylor and Gabe to a cub scout pack meeting.  It's weird to go to one of these and not be responsible for anything.  For years I was a cub leader of one kind or another.  On the way there, Gabe and Taylor were talking.  It's cute the way they talk because Taylor as the older brother always has the last say, whether he knows what he is talking about or not.  Here's a for instance:
Gabe: Why are Grandma and Grandpa taking us to pack meeting?
Taylor:  Because mom is sick and you absolutely have to have a parent with you when you are at a pack meeting....unless you are a stray kid or something.
Gabe:  A stray kid?
Taylor:  Yeah, a kid without any parents.  You know, some kid who goes to church on his own without his parents cuz they banned him.
Gabe:  Banned him?
Taylor:  Yeah, it's when parents are so mean that they ban their kids from their house.  If that happened to me I would just sleep under a tree with a sleeping bag that I got from home.
Gabe:  Cool!
That is an actual conversation they had on the way to the church:)  I had a hard time not giggling.  They had another one about gay marriage that really had me laughing...and kind of crying inside that they are exposed to things so confusing at such a young age.
School went really well today.  Especially my critique for my painting class.  The panel was sooo nice to me and my work.  I kind of expected them to say how awful it all was.  But they only said nice things.  Well, except for the obvious perspective problem I am having with the girl in the mirror.  But even that was said tactfully.  I guess I am struggling with it so much internally, that I expect comments like, "Where'd you learn to paint?"  or, "that color is all wrong", or "I think that is a crazy idea for a painting".  I am glad people are kind.  I am hard enough on myself I think.
Well, I have a three page paper to write on Wangechi Mutu, then an artist statement for my Half Dome sculpture.  So I guess I'd better get writing.  I have some of the research done for the Mutu paper.  I am just so tired that my brain hurts!  I hope I can make sense of all of it.  So I hope things are good out there in cyberspace.  I sound hungry I think:)  I will eat dinner and then tackle the homework.  Take care and have a most wonderful evening!  Melody

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