Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Saturday Evening Post

Guten Abend!  I am finally done with my illustration least with the rough.  It has taken me three days to get here.  Liz came over and helped me a little with photoshop, but she had to rush off, so I did the last bits by myself.  I am hoping that my teacher will like this design.  If not....oh well.  I think the final is due a week from Monday.
Julie and Randy and the kids have gone:(  It was fun to see them and to visit...although I had to keep working in here...but I invited everyone in and they gave me pointers that really did help.  Julie is good with color, and her son Jacob likes to draw and so he sat here and drew stuff while I fiddled with the composition.  Julie worked on braiding Josie's hair:) While Liz was here she sat at the computer and I held the baby:)  It was fun to work with a crowd for a change.  I am usually all by myself struggling with ideas.
I did have some interesting little stories that took place here.  The first was yesterday when they got here.  Caleb (6) kept handing me stuff...the ceramic hummingbird, the pine cone decorative figurines.  I asked him why?  He said, "You like those don't you?"  I said, "Yes, very much."  He said, "Well then you had better put them up out of Matthew's reach!"  Ha, that was funny.  He was policing the joint to make sure nothing of value was in his little brother's reach.  And it was a good idea, but I was surprised he thought of it.
Another thing that happened was...I had found an art kit at D.I. a while back.  It was really nice...a wooden box with acrylics, watercolors, pastels, and colored pencils.  Anyway, I have been saving it thinking I would give it to someone serious about their art.  And I have been puzzling which of my grandkids qualified.  Well, the whole time he was here, Jacob (11) was sketching...books, and flowers, and was really cute.  So I told him I thought I had something he might like....and that he would probably have to share it with his siblings...since there are seven kids now, and I know how it is better to teach sharing.  Anyway, you would have thought I had given him a bag of pure gold!  He was really excited....and so were Josie, and Nicholas!  I think they will have fun pursuing color!
Well, I guess that is enough stories for one night.  I hope all is well in your neck of the woods.  I am going to go prepare my Relief Society lesson now.  It is on the Priesthood.  I like the topic!  And I think it will be a fun one to teach.  Take care and keep smiling!!!  We're all in this together!  HAVVVVGE!!!  Melody

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