Thursday, March 8, 2012

Scatter Smiles and Sunshine!

Good morning!  I am off and running!  But just thought I'd send a cheery hello out to the world of cyberspace.  It's funny.  One of my teachers always seems a little grumpy in the morning, so I say, "Good morning!"  He always looks at me funny and sort of scowls and says, "What's so good about it?"  Anyway, Monday I said, "Good morning!", smiling and cheery.  He said, "You always say that!"  But then he smiled.  I guess I say it more to cheer myself up than anyone else.  Anyway, I did not say it yesterday, just to see his reaction.  And actually he seemed to be the one that was cheery.   So maybe it is helping:)  Who knows.  When I was a MIA maid teacher I challenged my girls to smile at everyone they met all day...even in Walmart.  And then we talked about how fun it was.  I like smiling!  So off I go to smile at everyone...within reason of course.  Keep smiling!  I'm still pulling for you!  We're all in this together!  HAVVVVVGW!!!!  Melody

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