Monday, March 26, 2012

Sweet and Beautiful Image!

Good afternoong!  I thought I would try an experiment...what if I ignore spellchecker?  I will not try to spell bad, but I always mistype:)  So we shall see what happens.  If it is just silly I will ifnore it if course:)  So far so good!
I feel like I have become enlightened today watching my instructional video.  All of my wonder and awe has suddenly been swept away as I realize that there is technology involved!  First off the photo model poses, the artist snaps disillusionment there.  However when he phoroshops all of the poses he likes into one, and then traces the photo onto his final sketch...I was just a bit surprised!  Of course I do it some of the time (and have terrible guild over it), but this guy is a professional!  The best step yet it that he then scanned the sketch and with matte medium flued the image onto masonite for his final painting.  Somehow it kind of took the awe out of it for me.  But it also gave me ideas....maybe I could do this for my painting class!  No, I think I would get a lecture on "real" painting.  But it does seem sensible to use the technology available.  There is stil plenty of ard studff.  I will definitley try it in illustration.  Boy, this spelling is getting bad!  It is really making me laugh!  I am always a little amazed when people ifnore spellchecker:)  And it makes me think of Shakespeare who spelled his name at least 12 different ways.  Spelling did not become standardized for yeats after that I guess.
I had a nice outing with my daughter Amu and her little cutie, Hailey this afternoon.  Hailey is sure growing up fast.  That is the way it is I guess, but it does seem like someone pushed the fast forward button.!  Everything speeds by anymore, and I am left standing in the dust on the sidelines while it all whizzes by.
Well, I am going to watch another chapter from Donata.  This one is one the actual painting.  It should be fun.  And I am hoping he tells what he uses in materials and colors...and vbrushes!  It would really be helpful.  I hope you are laughing!  I only audited a typing class in college, so I have never been very fast or very accurate.  I did have a summetr job typing in '69 that improved it somewhat, but I think my top speed was 40 wpm.  Have a fun and giggly FHE!!!  I;n still pulling for you!!!  Take care and keep smiling!  Life is fun!!!!  HAVVVVVVVVVVHE!!!!!   Melody

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