Thursday, March 22, 2012

This little light of mine!

Good day!  I can't decide if it is afternoon or evening, but it is sure nice out....and getting nicer by the minute.  It continues to warm here until just before the sun goes down on nice days.  I can almost feel Spring, and I have seen many signs of Spring.  For one thing we have babies all around in the cows, and baby sheep, and baby pigs, and baby birds... nearly....I have seen robins and killdeer out so their nests can't be too far away.  So soon there will be .....pelicans!!!  I can hardly wait!  Just thinking about nice weather cheers me right up. is officially spring break!  I am soooooo excited.  I do have a few things to do paint a huge wave, finish the mirror painting, write a final abstract on the wave painting, make an illustration - copying someone famous we admire, draw a new drawing, and lastly I have to design a wire sculpture that is site specific.  So I think to do all of this I will have to do something each day, and hope that I can get it all done.  At least I don't have to drive into campus.  That should help!  I do wish we could take a vacation, but with my schoolwork and Mel moving his business it just isn't a possibility.  But maybe we can do a few fun things close in.  My dad thought it might be fun to go hear a Mariachi band on Saturday.  I did buy tickets today from another student for Les Miserables and War Horse.  The Broadway productions are coming here in June and September.  This lady had season tickets, but they have moved and she lives too far away to come all of the way in to Boise.  So I got a very good price.  I am excited about that!  But it won't be for this week.
Something interesting happened in our class presentations today.  We all had to do a power point on a different artist on the list that my teacher handed out.  I picked one I could deal with...Wangechi Mutu. But some of the artists were really way out there morality wise and I was glad I didn't have to choose one of those.  But anyway, one of the young ladies in my class was reviewing images from her artist and the last one was pretty sexually explicit.  She apologized to the class, and said she was really hesitant to have to put this image up, especially knowing that Melody would be in the classroom.  The class laughed, but it made me feel good.  I worry that I don't say enough about what I believe in for anyone to even know that I care.  So it was good to see that apparently I do:)  Of course the image still went up, but it made me think that a lot of the images she could have shown did not get shown.  So maybe I am being a little bit of a light in Babylon...which is what Mel teases me with each day as I leave..."Remember you're the brightest light in Babylon!"  It really is not too bad most days.  But there have been a few instances where I just cringe and close my eyes.  The morality of this generation is very compromised by the immorality that is so pervasive in the general culture of our times.
Well, I am feeling very good.  I don't have anything due for 11 days!  That is so nice!!!  I think tonight I will just relax and watch some television. We recorded the PBS "Les Miserables" when they were having their fund drive and I haven't had time to see the whole thing yet.  And maybe we can even order a pizza!  That would be kind of nice.
I hope you've had a fun and productive day today.  I wish I could remember the other conversations between Taylor and Gabe.  Maybe when Mel gets home I will ask him.  I know there was another funny one. Take care and enjoy the balmy breezes...if you happen to have any.  I am still pulling for you!  Life is grand!  HAVVVVGE!!!  Melody

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