Friday, March 30, 2012

Trying to Make It Great Today!

Good morning!  I hope it is.  I've got my smile on straight:)  It seems there is still lots to do before Monday...most of it for my painting class.  I told Mel this morning that I wish I could begin my mirror painting all over again.  If I could I would try to paint it more like Donato's method....would that be allowed?  I have been thinking I could do it if I just put matte medium over the original sketch on the canvas.  Because that is where I seem to lose it. I usually start with a pretty good drawing, but then it washes away with the paint and I feel lost trying to get it back.   And this one has been especially hard because I don't have a good reference photo.  I should have set it up to begin with and taken some good photos.  Oh well.  I will figure this all out eventually.
So today I am going to work on getting my ocean wave started.  I still haven't stretched the 4'x4' canvas onto the stretcher. So I will get that done and then start on the gesso.  And why was I excited about this?  Just kidding.  It is just seeming like a big project at the moment.
I kind of feel like crawling back into bed today....and I would if I thought I could sleep:)  Oh well.  I am starting to sound like a whiner:)  And you are saying, "Just starting?"  Ha, ha!  I will get on with my day now.  I hope I can find a positive attitude around here somewhere.  Actually I just need to find Max.  He is such a trooper!  I know he must hurt everywhere, but he still wags his tail and bounces around like he is still a puppy.  This dog is amazing, and I feel a little sorry for him.  He misses Mel something terrible now that he is not here all day.  He sits by the door just waiting for his return.
Well, I hope your day is going well.  Have a very, very, very gut great wan!  I'm still pulling for you!  We're all in this together!!!  Keep smiling, and I will do the same!!!!!!  Melody

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Laura Lynn said...

I like that you said you've got your smile on straight - cute. Have a great day!