Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Night

Hello!  It is sure howling outside my window tonight!  Not coyotes or owls or anything...just wind whistling and bumping into things.  I guess we are getting another front going through.  The forecast is for warmer weather again starting sometime tomorrow afternoon.
Balancine with Suzanne Farrell

Balancine again

I am busy drawing Don Quixote in different poses with a ballerina.  It is not too easy, and I am becoming more and more discouraged with this assignment.  I wish I had picked a play or a musical instead of a ballet.  It complicates things.  One of the guys in my class picked "Damn Yankees".  It is full of cool music and lots of things I could think of to draw.  I love the music..."Whatever Lola Wants", and "Hernando's Hideaway", and "S-s-s-steam Heat".  What's funny is that this guy hasn't seen the play:)  I saw it many years ago with Shari Lewis as Lola....the one who used to do the "Lambchop" puppet.  It was really good.  I think that is kind of funny to draw a poster for something that you haven't seen.  But then I think that I have only seen portions of Don Quixote:) So once again I am doing what I think others shouldn't.  Kind of funny.
School was good today.  We had fun in sculpture as they were trying to put my mountain together.  It is turning out very cool I think.  It is quite big and I like that.  And the one I am doing for my partner is turning out good too.  I like this assignment, and I think I am liking sculpture a lot.  I like seeing things in three dimensions!  And of course I have a special feeling for mountains, and especially Half Dome.  I may try making this on my own in better wood with more sanding to get the angles right.  I am not having my partner do any sanding as it is due next Tuesday and there just isn't time.  It will look like a very jagged and rough version of Half Dome.
In drawing we had a critique....it wasn't too bad.  The teacher in there is very positive, and I think he accomplishes more that way.  People are more willing to risk doing things they are not too sure about because they don't get slammed.  I don't like negative comments.  I don't mind being told how I could do something better, but just being told something is not good is not constructive.  Most of my teachers are pretty positive this semester so I am grateful for that!  And students are almost always kind in their comments.
I am pretty tired still.  I hope I can sleep better tonight.  I am not sleeping too well lately.  I think I am a little stressed with school and all of the deadlines looming.  I keep telling myself it doesn't matter, but I guess it does inside my psyche somewhere no matter what I tell it:)
Well, I guess that is all....except for the sign downtown..."Courage - a fear extinguisher."  Ha, ha.  I like that one.   Well, have a lovely evening!  Take care!!!  Melody

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