Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Venting a little

Hi there!  I am sitting here at the computer after a very long and trying day at school.  Can you guess what I am eating?  Of course not, because no one in their right mind would eat like this.  I am eating a chicken thigh with potato chips and clam dip:)  I know....not the best choices.  But when what I really feel like eating is lots of chocolate and sweets, I guess it isn't so bad.  I have lost 15 pounds so far on my no sugar or white flour diet.  But this last week's stress has taken a toll on my will power.  Sigh!
So you ask, what was so terrible about my day?  And I would reply....nothing... because I don't want to gossip about anyone.  But know that I am seriously considering talking to the head of the department about one of my teacher's conduct.  Enough said:)  Probably too much said.  Oh well.
I did have a wonderful computer session in my drawing class.  That teacher is exemplary of what a good teacher is....calm, polite, strict yet kind.  And I learn things in that class because I am anxious to learn...happy and open minded and eager.  Today I learned more about photoshop.  I think it is helping my self esteem to learn this program.  It is very extensive and hard to learn all of the ins and outs.  But I think I am really making progress.  So that is a good thing.
Mel is traveling today...a quick flight to LA and back to check out a machine to replace the damaged one.  Unfortunately the machine he looked at isn't what he needed.  So kind of a bummer day for him.  But at least he didn't buy the machine first before he found out it was a lemon.  He will be home later tonight.
So what else?  I did have a nice lunch with Kim today.  I am glad to have sweet daughters.  I am very blessed. And you ask, "How is Max?"  And I answer, "Much better.  He actually gets up and walks short distances....like to the front door.  But he is not peppy or very enthused about life at present.  I hope he gets better soon!"
Well, I guess I will go watch the news and take a short break from homework.  Then it will be back to the grindstone.  I really do love learning and school.  It has just been a little stressful this week.  So maybe a break for a couple of hours will be a good thing.  I hope things are well out there in cyberspace.  Take care and keep smiling!  And HAVVVVVGN!!!  Melody

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