Friday, March 9, 2012

The World is Back in Sync:)

Good evening!  All is well.  I went to hear the most wonderful presentation tonight!  It has put my world back into perspective.  Thank you Greg Manchess!  It really helped to hear that one of the country's greatest illustrators still feels like he is learning the craft of painting!  I needed that today.  I asked him how he knew which color goes where and he said it took him 30 years and he was still figuring it out:)  But he did talk about how he started slowly and then gradually learned to do things quicker and practicing music, which I could really relate to.  Anyway, I guess I will keep at it:)  Earlier today I was ready to throw in the towel...or the paint brush:)
Julie and family are here and it is wonderful to have them!  And I don't feel so stressed and worried knowing that I can do this thing at a time.  Right now it is time for nighty night!  TTTT  Melody

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