Monday, April 2, 2012


Good morning!  I am all ready for school, just waiting to register online this morning for Fall semester.  My appointment is at 8 o'clock....well, actually that's when I can start to register.  But I have found if you want to get into the classes you need that you had better be all set so that at 8 you can just push a button and be done.  Classes fill up very fast!  And art classes are especially hard to get into.  In fact, if I had not started school when I did, I probably would not be able to get into the art department, since now you have to show them a portfolio of your work...which I did not have!  It seems unfair to me, but I have little say in the process:)  It seems that art is a popular major.
Duffer playing ping pong
Duffer and my mom with both sets of kids 
Mel and I and kids on the back deck of their cabin
I was thinking of a funny story this morning.  I hope I can share it without spoiling it.  And I suppose you would think it funniest if you knew my uncle Duffer.  Duffer was not his real was Henry.  But his wife affectionately called him an old Duffer and somehow it stuck:)  Anyway, his wife was my mom's cousin and when we first moved to Idaho they had a summer cabin up in the mountains near here.  Graciously they used to invite Mel and I and all six kids up for the weekend quite often.  We have a lot of wonderful memories with them there.  And I also have growing up memories with their family.  We often got together.  They had six kids and I think they were my main motivation for having a large family:)  Anyway, Duffer was a wonderful story teller.  I thought of one his stories this morning as I was eating breakfast....huevos rancheros.  His story was that one day when he and my aunt Edith and their son Mark were in Spain that they were on a tour visiting one more Catholic cathedral.  He said that he had seen so many that they were all starting to look alike.  But on this morning that as the priest was swinging the ball filled with holy water, he seemed to be chanting something new.  So Duffer leaned in to hear it more clearly, and sure enough, he was chanting, "Huevos rancheros!  Huevos rancheros!  Huevos rancheros!"  So naturally he decided it must be a personal revelation just for him, so immediately he got up and invited his family to proceed with him to the nearest restaurant where they happily enjoyed a breakfast of huevos rancheros!  I love that story!  And I love my uncle Duffer and aunt Edith.  They have both passed away some years ago now.  But they were quite dear to me, and I am so grateful to them for all of the wonderful memories we shared!
Well, it is time to register and then off I go to school.  I hope you have a most wonderful day out in cyberspace today!  I'll be pulling for you!  Melody

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