Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunshine In My Soul!

Well, this has been a wonderful weekend.   I really enjoyed conference!  I especially liked....all of it.  I guess it is hard to pick one talk that stands out.  Although I did like President Uchtdorf's "Stop It!"  I guess the world would be a much nicer place if people would learn to forgive each other and stop judging.  I think I can do better in that area too.  And I love sweet President Monson!  He has such a wonderful sense of humor.  And he has such a wealth of memories to share.  I am amazed at his recall.  Of course he does have a teleprompter.  And President Eyring had me in tears as he always does.  His message always seems to be about love.
Well, now I am just about ready for school tomorrow.  This week has gone by too fast.  And I suppose the next five weeks of school will really whiz on by.  I will have to stay busy!  The class I am most worried about is painting....mostly because I have so much to finish in five weeks.  But I can do this!  And I am excited about trying out my new found method of painting.  I am not sure my painting teacher will approve, but I am not sure why he wouldn't.  I will talk to him about things tomorrow.  It would be fun to try it large scale for my last painting in there.  It would still be lots of work, but maybe I could end up with something I really like.  At any rate, I think it is a method I am going to try to perfect.
Well, I have a little editing of a paper I have to turn into blackboard.  That's an application for school.  It is kind of's an online blackboard that also collects papers, gives assignments, distributes grades, and all kinds of stuff.  Most of my teachers don't use it, but it is helpful when they do.  I feel bad I forgot about this paper.  But hopefully I can get it done in less than a half an hour, and not have to feel too guilty about homework on Sunday.  I would do it in the middle of the early morning tomorrow, but I worry that I will be too tired to think.  Anyway....I hope you have a lovely evening!  I do feel like I have received some extra light this weekend to carry me through the rainy forecast of next week.  I love the gospel of Jesus Christ!  I am grateful for Him!  Take care, keep the faith, and HAVVVVGN!!!  Melody

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