Sunday, September 30, 2012

Thirty Days Has September

Good Sabbath Eve!  The moon is beautiful out my studio window tonight....big, and full and a perfect harvest moon.  I love this time of year, when things are being harvested.  The fields around us have mostly been shorn, or mowed or whatever.  There are a few new crops coming up...onions and wheat mostly.  We sure do live in a lovely place.  I like the country.  I can almost imagine a perfect world here.  Of course that is definitely only in my mind.
I enjoyed the wonderful meeting last night, and today we had a great meeting for church.  I made the mistake of mentioning in my testimony that Mel was a great dancer, and so he now is known as twinkle toes in the ward.  I didn't really mean for that to happen.  What I said was that I had been very blessed when I chose my husband.  At the young age I was the things that mattered most was that Mel was a great dancer, he was cute, and he liked music.  I said that I was very blessed that he turned out to be kind and loving and a really sweet companion.  The bishop made a comment about how those were the same qualities he had looked for in a ward clerk....that he could dance and that he was cute.  Our bishop likes to make jokes.  Anyway, one of the members of the ward came up after the meeting and made a point to call Mel, "Twinkle toes".  He may have to live with that for a while.....sorry, Mel.
We also had a nice combined meeting...the women and the men the last hour.  We had the mothers of the missionaries who are serving out in the field, each speak about their sons.  It was very touching.  It is fun to hear how these young men are growing and maturing in the service of the Lord.
Well, another week ends...and a month.  October is only a few hours away.  Time continues to speed on by, and I feel a little like sometimes I am just standing there watching it go.  But it is all good.  I keep reminding myself that I am happy and glad for this time of my life.  It is a little like the October of my own life....a good time of blessings.
Well, that's all I have to report tonight.  I hope for the best for you out in cyberspace.  Take care.  Keep smiling!  And have a very good night!!!  TTTT  Melody

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Hi again!   I just had to share the sign downtown.  It made me laugh right out loud!  Here goes... "Desk - a wastebasket with drawers and a phone" :)  Do you like it?  It reminded me of my own desk.
Then another funny....Mel and I were doing my visiting teaching (Yeah, he is pretty amazing, but he stays in the car while I go in.) and as we were driving we were listening to Mountain Stage...a country music program on NPR.  Anyway there was a singer that came on and the whole lyrics to his song were, "I'm not in a bad mood....I'm just in Los Angeles!"  Over and over and over.  It was so funny, but I'm sure it was not meant to be.  Anyway we have adapted those lines as we've gone through the afternoon...."I'm not in a bad mood, I'm just in Walmart", and "I'm not in a bad mood, I'm just in a hot car".  It loses a little without the music, so to get the full effect you should try singing it:)  And it does help to put you in a better mood.  Anyway, couldn't pass up an opportunity to share a little humor!  HAGW!!!  Me

A Short Break!

Good morning!  I am taking a break.  I have worked charcoal all morning until I feel like I am contaminated!  But oh well.  I do like how it works.  I am struggling just now on my puppet drawing.  I am putting in the distant background and fixing the left hand, which is a little foreshortened, and I also need to draw in some close up grass and weeds.  So I am getting a reference from the internet:)  What did artists do before they could pull off pictures from the internet?
Anyway, I am almost done.  I am glad for that.  Here is a peek at Mr. Clownface.
The idea is that there is a fore ground and a back ground but no middle ground.  I kind of draw like that anyway:)
I would never have thought five years ago I would be doing this.  But I am glad I am.  I really enjoy the intensity of it.  Oh, it is good to put this in a picture.  I am seeing all sorts of places I need to work on.
So I'd better get to it.  I hope you are having a wonderful day!  Keep the faith!  I am going with my two sisters to the Women's Relief Society meeting.  That will be fun!  Keep smiling!  I am....see  :)  HAVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Friday, September 28, 2012

Another one! Getting closer!

Good evening!  I thought I would report on my progress.  I remembered I had another self portrait to do, so besides Rumpelstiltskin, I also did Melody.  I like this one, because somehow I have made myself look younger ....and thinner.  I love drawing!  I used charcoal on this one.
I will try to fix it some more tomorrow....especially the shadows on the face. But it got dark, and it is not so easy in the dark:)   I must have turned the camera, because the stuff on the back wall was not crooked:)  I do think I am improving.  It helps to take a photo because it gives it a new perspective.
This next one is very rough...just a thumbnail sketch really.  But it will do for Monday, since I only have to come up with a thumbnail sketch:)

I kind of like him.  Though I suppose he will get a little scarier when I really draw him.
So that is my day today.  Tomorrow will be more of the same I think.  I still have another drawing or two to work on.  But I enjoy this.  I just wish I had a little more stamina...I am pooped!
Well, I guess that is all.  Just thought it might be fun to share my work.  And it is work!  Have a wonderful night!!!  TTTT  Melody

Thank Goodness for Friday!

Good morning!  I have been thinking all morning about the Lord's tender mercies.  How he blesses us with special blessings, especially when times are tough.  Mel and I had one just a couple of days ago.  Mel went to the church orchard to help pick apples, something I wish I could join in, but it's not possible with bad knees right now.  I love that the church has these orchards that help to feed people in need all over the world!  Anyway, it had been a long day, and I was wishing him home, so I could tell him how long it had been:)  And then in he walks, with a long scrape on his left upper arm, and several smaller scratches on his face.  It looked like he had a rather good wrestle at basketball or something.  And then he told me he had fallen off of the ladder while picking apples!  He was at the top of a ten foot ladder and he reached just a little too far and lost his footing.  He said he was trying to grab a branch, but they kept breaking and it seemed like a very long fall.  I think he was definitely blessed to come away with just a few little scrapes, and maybe a bit of a bruised ego.  I think it is embarrassing to fall down....but ten feet is a little much!
And then I think about all that might have happened and I feel so blessed!
Another blessing I feel right now is the blessing of a good and kind teacher.  Now all of my teachers are great this semester.  But one in particular is very sensitive and sweet to me, and goes out of her way to make sure I know she is happy to have me in her class.  How positive she is!  I try to tell Mel all that she has said about a particular drawing in a positive way, and I can't remember it all.  She really makes me feel like an artist....something I need help believing.   I know that this is really a blessing, and I am so grateful for that.
Anyway, I am so glad for the tender mercies of the Lord.  I feel especially blessed to be home today.  I am looking forward to drawing.  I think I have Rumpelstiltskin figured out.  I just have to make a good composition.  And that may be a little harder than I like to admit.  But I can do hard things!
Well, I hope your day is going well, and continues to be filled with good things.  Take care.  I am pulling for you!  We're all in this together!!   And HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!  Melody

Thursday, September 27, 2012


Hi again!  It was so nice to realize after classes today that it's Thursday!!!  No more classes until Monday.  I need a break!  But I do have a bit of homework.  I have to finalize my thumbnail sketch, finish my clown drawing, read an article, and probably more.  I will have to review my notes.  School was great today though.  I think I finally got a piece of clay centered on the wheel.  I tried to make it into a cylinder, but failed miserably several times.  I think I might have had one success.  But that is OK, since we have a few weeks to get this down just right.
My drawing teacher liked the background I am putting in on my clown drawing.  I decided on a scene of the Sawtooth mountains.  I kind of like it.  I am sure I will like it more with a couple of more hours to finish things well.  My teacher said she really likes the delicate way I draw:)  I laughed and told her I am glad because my illustration teacher thinks I need to draw with a more confident line.  She had quite a bit to say about that.  I don't think she realized I was kind of joking.  But it is all good.  It helps to have a coach who is positive and encouraging.  It makes me want to do my very best.  And I do feel more confident about my drawing in her class.
We had that visiting artist...Gregory Sale, again today.  He is interesting.  His work is almost social work....or maybe it is.  Anyway, he was fun to listen to and now I have extra credit for two of my classes, just for listening.  Pretty cool!
So I am hoping your day went well.  Take care and remember I am still pulling for you!  And HAVVVVVVGN!!!  Melody


Good morning!  I haven't much time this morning, but I wanted to send a happy hello out to the world of cyberspace today.  Isn't life grand?  I am enjoying it for the most part.  Keep smiling and HAVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Gut Wan!

Good morning!  Yeah, the sleeping in didn't work.  It usually doesn't.  But that is good since I have so much to do around here and for school.  I think I am going to find lots of old men references....from the internet and from life.  I am thinking Rumpelstiltskin will look like an old man in a dwarf body....maybe.  I am still thinking this one through.  But it is a good place to start.  I just think he must have been a lonely old soul to want to take a baby.  In the original tale he ends badly....torn in half by a hole in the ground.  I am always amazed at the original fairy tales.  They are much more graphic than the Disney versions.  I kind of like there something wrong with me?  I have always liked fairy tales.  My mom and dad had a few fairy tale books in their book Edgar Allen Poe.  I really loved his tales too.  And science fiction too.  There was one author I absolutely loved in grade school that wrote a lot of good science fiction....Robert Heinlein.  I think I read everything he wrote...though I am not sure of that now.  Anyway I think I will have some fun coming up with this character.
The other thing I need to do today is laundry....and dishes:)  Why do those two always get ahead of me?  I guess I have neglected them again for a few days.  Also I had a wedding here....  The new couple seem very happy.  I am glad of that!
Well, I guess I will get on with my day.  Just wanted to say hi and have a gut wan!  I am smiling as I write this.  How long have I been writing this strange and rather silly phrase?  I would come up with something new, but I am not that imaginative.  And besides, it makes me think of Pink Panther, and what could be funnier?  I am still smiling on my side.  I hope you have a most wonderful, joyous and imaginative day!  I am still pulling for you!!!  Keep smiling and HAVVVVVVGW!!!!  Melody

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy 3rd Day of Autumn!

Howdy!  I am home from a long day at school.  Tuesdays and Thursdays I go from 9 to 4 with a break between classes around noon.    It makes for such a long day.  I don't know how people work from 9 to 5!!!  Of course when I was a young mom I never stopped working!
I had another nice compliment from my drawing teacher.  She said I would get the award for the most variety of charcoal colors:)  And then she said that Kathe Kolwitz would love the way I handled the whites in the clown's face.  I thought that was an awfully generous and nice thing to say.  But it's amazing how good it makes me feel.  I wish all of my teachers liked my work as well as this one.  But no matter.  It is helping me to have a little more confidence:)  I really do enjoy working in charcoals, and I love drawing anyway, so it is a good combination.  Here is the latest on that drawing.
The light was weird in the room when I was taking the photo, but you can kind of see what I am doing.  Anyway, next I have to put in a distant landscape behind the clown puppet.  It should make it interesting.
In sculpture today we learned how to throw a pot!  On a wheel of course.  Actually we are just practicing getting the clay to center on the wheel.  It is trickier than it looks.  But it was fun trying to figure things out.  I think I will like this a lot.  I already enjoy making my coil pots.  I have a lot to do in that class to keep up.  It was not good to miss two days at the beginning of the semester!
And other than that, I am working on Rumpelstiltskin....but only in my mind so far this week.  I have to do more before next week.  I want to have a good idea of what I will do for the final painting.  I think it will be a painting.  But maybe it might be fun to do it in charcoal....naw!  I don't think my teacher would like that much.  But maybe.  He likes things done in black and white.
Well, that is all for today.  I am very tired!  Do I say that every day?  Tomorrow my class isn't until noon, so maybe I can sleep in just a little.  I hope things are going well in your world today.  I am still pulling for you!!!!   HAVVVVVVGW!!!  Melody
P.S.  The sign downtown!   "Toad - What happens to a frog parked illegally"

Monday, September 24, 2012


Naps help everything seem better!  I am feeling like myself again, mostly happy and positive.  I think I might be suffering from a little sleep deprivation after a house full of my favorite people all weekend.  I just stay up waaaaaay too late, talking and laughing....and singing!!!  We are a musical family, and we always seem to find an excuse to sing.  Kenny got out Julie's guitar and serenaded us last night, with many of the songs he has written himself.  It was funny how all of the grandkids knew all of the words to his songs and sang right along with him.  I guess it helps that one Christmas he made a CD for each family of all of his songs.  Anyway, it was sure fun.  But it makes it seem especially quiet tonight.
Oh, and all of the nest references in my last post you can ignore.  I really was very tired when I wrote about empty nests.  I don't think I will ever adjust to it, but it isn't all bad.  I kind of like the quiet when I have work to do, or I need some sleep.  So sorry for complaining.
Well, have a most wonderful evening!  I'm still pulling for you!!!  We're all in this together!  Keep smiling and I will do the same!!  TTTT  Melody


Howdy!  Well, I am back to being an empty nester again.  I have never really liked that term.  It sounds as icky as an empty nest actually is.  I used to collect them when I was young....along with any baby birds I could find.  I was always bringing home birds!  Not always baby birds.  I got so that I was pretty good at rescuing them.  I remember a co-worker bringing in a whole nest of birds and setting them on my desk.  And then there were lots of little bugs crawling around on my desk!  Like I said, nests are icky....with or without the birds in them.  And I do not like having an empty nest here much either.  Good thing I have school.  Today I went to illustration class, where I had to share my sketches from life with my teacher....who said, "These aren't bad....but you need to draw with a more confident line!  Confidence....whether you really have it or not!  That's important."  And then he drew a confident line on one of my sketches to show me what he meant.  These have to be done in ink, and I must admit I am timid drawing anything in ink.  But I will try next week to draw with more confidence.  I figure there is plenty of room for improvement.
In my life drawing class we used charcoal today.  That was kind of fun.  But now I have a dirty shirt.  I will have to bring in an apron next class.  And maybe some wet wipes so I can stay clean.  Some of the students really got into it....jet black hands!  I guess they didn't have a chamois with them, so they blended with their hands.  Yuk!!!
Well, tonight will be interesting...quiet and just the two of us.  Like I said, it can be just a little too quiet after so much fun and partying.  But it was awfully nice having everyone home.  Weddings are good!
So have a happy family night.  I am going to go take a power nap and try to get a better mood going!  HAVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sabbath Day of Peace...I am not sure about the rest:)

Good morning!  I thought I would share one more picture from the wedding.
Kim and I
I am having a lovely post wedding.  Michelle and her family are still here.  Julie and her family are coming this afternoon.  I love having family close.
Well, I am a little busy.  Hope all is well out in cyberspace!  Keep smiling!!  Melody

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Headed for bed after a most lovely day!  Started with a wedding....ended with homework!  I think I have it done enough that I won't get chastised too badly:)  Kim and Sean's wedding was so nice.  I will include a few photos.  Then I am hitting that sack!!!  HAVVVVVGN!!!  Melody

Darth Vader helmet

Matthew as ring bearer

Naia as flower girl

Friday, September 21, 2012

Night Watch

Good night!  I am done with today.  And I am already for tomorrow!!!  Kenny is here and now it is time for sleeping.  Nighty night!  Me

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reporting In

Good evening!  I have had a great day today, so I thought I would share.  The first thing that was especially nice happened in my drawing class when my teacher said she really liked my picture I was working on.  We are drawing puppets.  I talked about it yesterday.  Anyway, it felt good to have a teacher like something I am doing.  Here it is....not finished yet, but you can get an idea.
So then after class I met Kim and my "almost" son-in-law Sean for lunch.  It was Sean's birthday today.  So I took a few pictures.  I think we all had fun.
Makin' a wish

Huffed and Puffed!

The happy couple!
Then I went to my sculpture class....which is intense and hard right now.  And then I went to help Joy with the last of the dresses.  Then I got to come to my favorite place of all....home!!!!
So that's my day.
Oh and there's one more picture Kim took of me.  I guess I will include it:)  Hope things are good for you this evening...or morning, or whatever it is in your part of the world.  HAVVVVVGE!!!!  Melody

Thumbnails anyone?

Good morning!  Only a couple of days now until summer is officially over....and Kim's wedding.  Things are speeding up as the day approaches.  And Kim is sick:(  She has a sore throat.  I don't think it is too serious, but I feel bad she is not up to snuff.
Last night in the middle of all of this preparation madness, we took a little time off for a special date.  I bought us tickets last April or May to see Les Miserables.  It's funny that the week they are in Boise just happens to be this already very busy week.  But it was worth any time lost.  It was soooooo well done, and of course the music is outstanding.  I loved the sets!  I guess they must bring musicians along too, because the orchestra was wrong notes!  And I cried for Eponine one more time!  And Javier seemed just as misdirected as ever.  Jan val Jean was wonderful.  Even Marius and Cosette were fabulous.  But the one who stole the show for me was Gavroche!!!!  He was played by such a small little boy, with a huge, outstanding voice, and he was all personality.  It was amazing.  I love live performances, and then with music....there is nothing better!  Mel enjoyed it too, and even stayed awake.  He is always so tired from working so hard that he usually falls asleep during anything where you sit for any length of time.  But not last night.  He was a drama major in school, and I think his heart is on stage with all of the actors.  It was a fun escape from the real world.
Speaking of which, I had better scoot.  I am still loving school, but it feels a bit busy just now.  I am glad it is Thursday.  No school tomorrow!  But homework will have to get squeezed in before the wedding.  How that will happen I am not sure.  If you have any wonderful references for Rumpelstiltskin thumbnails I will delightfully steal them:)  Take care out there in cyberspace!  I am still pulling for you.  Life is fun, and a little rushed, and definitely challenging today!  Keep smiling!!!  HAVVVVVGW!!!   Melody

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Greetings and Salutations!

Good morning!  I am off to the colorist this morning.  Then to sew.  Then to school.  Yeah, I know those aren't complete sentences.  Sorry, Mrs. Denny.  I am in kind of a hurry.  But wanted to send happy greetings out into cybespace this morning!  HAVVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Warka, warka!

Good evening!  I am home, with the wonderful feeling of accomplishing the things on my list....except for one.  I still have to finish the response paper for tomorrow's class.  I have it half way written...the summary part.  But I still have to decide what my response will be.  It is hard to decide:)  But I will finish it tonight.  Mel had to go back into work to get a machine back on line, so I will work on this paper.
School was good today.  I started a new drawing in my drawing class.  We have a medium toned paper and we are using black and white and sanguine on it to draw a puppet.  They are cute puppets.  They look like something from my childhood.  I picked one that looks a lot like Bozo the clown.  Not quite.  His hair is purple and plastic.  But I had fun sketching him in.  I am getting much better at being more accurate in my renderings.  The teacher came by and was very excited for my drawing.  But then I took a look around the class and realized how much better about half of the students are.  I don't think this is their first time to do this.  But it is fine.  I am so excited to be learning!!!  I hope I don't sound too over enthusiastic, but it is how I feel.
At lunch time I went to the wedding store in Boise and got pink paper plates, cups, napkins, etc.  Oh, and some M&M's in Kim's colors.  I had fun, but I was almost late for ceramics.  That class is great except for a certain very loud person who needs to have her mouth washed out with soap:)  She is worse when we have the TA instead of the teacher, which was the case today.  But I quietly moved away since she sits at my table.  And I worked at another table where someone else was absent today.  I feel bad, but I tried to be kind and friendly.  I just can't sit right next to so much obscenity.  She should know better I think...she is almost 30.  But I guess these are her choices.
Anyway, I got my first pot almost done.  I am trying to get it to look a little like the Warka vase.  I carved corn and water and sheep and geometric shapes on it today.  I really had fun zoning in on that.  I think it might help if I bring my earbuds and plug into my iphone in there.  Most of the class does that.
On the way home I went to the rental store and rented tables and chairs, then I went to Costco and got some plastic forks, spoons and knives, juice and eggs and other stuff for the wedding.  It is possible to go to school and have a wedding too:)  But I sure am tired!!!!
Well, I guess I had better write my paper.  I hope your day has been happy and filled with all kinds of good stuff.  I am still pulling for you!!!!  Take care out there and keep smiling!  I am definitely smiling from my side of between the snoring!!!  HAVVVVVGE!!!!  Melody

Monday, September 17, 2012


Happy Family Night!  It is Monday night again in this side of the world.  I miss having kids running into the kitchen during dinner to announce this to me every Monday.  Tonight I met Mel at his work on my way home from school and we drove to dinner at a little Mexican restaurant not too far from home. It's not terrific food, but it's OK and now I don't have to fix dinner!  Yay!  I have homework tonight.  I have to read about an artist for my life studies class....Philip Pearlstein....and then write a summary of the article and my response to it.  So I figure I'd better get right on this so I don't have it hanging over my head tomorrow night.  I am enjoying that class for the most part.  I doubt I would if we had time to think about things, but it is a race to keep up with one and two minute drawings.  So I hardly have to time think at all...just draw.  And I think I am getting better at drawing.  I also have to keep a drawing from life sketchbook for my illustration class...which is a good idea.  A little hard to do with everything else.  But I can do these things!
So my first drawing for illustration is going to be Rumpelstiltskin.  My teacher nixed The Little Match Girl, saying it is not really a fairy tale....more of a nice story.  So I didn't argue, I actually was a little relieved, as I was having a hard time coming up with anything novel for that story.   Old grumpy Rumpy I think might have a few more angles to choose from.  I hope so anyway.  I have about three weeks to really perfect this.
Well, just bopping in to say hi.  I hope your evening is swell.  I am going to read and write now:)  Yes, I know I sound tired....because I am!   But I am still smiling:)  HAVVVVGFHE!!!  Melody

And We're Off!

Good morning!  Just sending good wishes out into cyberspace before I take off this morning.  I am already anticipating a busy week with a wedding to finish things on Saturday.  I have my running shoes in the car....and here I go!  HAVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Shalom! Peace! Good Will!

Good Sabbath!  Today and yesterday was our stake conference.  And I got to sing!  I love singing in the stake choir!  Mostly because there are enough people to cover up my bad notes:)  Ha!  Not really.  I love singing in a group that is large enough to produce a good sound.  We have a marvelous stake choir leader, and lots of talented people in our stake who love to sing.  It makes for a joyous experience.  Especially I loved singing, "Oh, That I Were an Angel".  It makes me wonder if I was an angel could I have the wish of MY heart?  And then I think of what that might be.  It has changed I guess.  I used to wish that my son Tommy would be alive again and with our family.  Now I think my wish would be that our family.....all of us....could be together forever.  We're working on it.  But like all families we have areas to work on....and testimonies to strengthen.  So perhaps my wish is like the song....Cry repentance!  But then as the scripture reminds us, "I do sin in my wish."  For I ought to be content with the blessings I have....and magnify things where I am able:)  So I will resolve once again to do better and bloom where I am planted:)
The talks at conference had two themes.  One was the temple.  Our temple in Boise will soon open again after being closed for a year and a half.  It has seemed like a long time.  The open house begins in October I think, and then the dedication will be on November 18.  The youth are participating in a performance on the 17th and President Monson is going to come.  So there is quite a bit of excitement and anticipation about that.  We had two youth speakers who talked about the "For the Strength of Youth" booklet, and also our stake president and his counselor talked about that booklet.  That was the other theme of conference...the importance of following the counsel given in that booklet and also the Proclamation to the World on Families.  The young people talked about how hard it was to live in this society just now with so much of the world focused on sinful practices.  But that the advice given in the Strength of Youth booklet was especially helpful.  I have to agree.  And I wish I had a booklet like that in my teenage years.  Maybe I did, but I don't remember it if I did.
Tonight Kim and Sean and Sean's parents are coming over for a "Meet the Parents" night....or a night for us parents to meet before next Saturday's wedding.  I am looking forward to meeting them.  I sure like their son.  He is so gentle and kind to my daughter.  And he honors his priesthood, which is vital to happiness I think.  I think they have an excellent chance of being very happy together.  And I am looking forward to our family being all together this weekend.  I guess that makes me happier than most anything.
Soo....I am being brave and sharing my self portrait.  Mel thinks the neck is out of whack....I think the whole thing is out of whack.
The hair is kinda funky.  I didn't curl it yesterday until after I had done this picture.  It usually is not so flighty:)  But I thought you might like to see my progress over the semester.  At least I hope there is some!!!!
Well, I hope things are good for you this lovely Sabbath day.  I am still pulling for you!  Keep your stick on the ice!  And keep that wonderful smile smiling!  I am smiling from this side!!!  HAVVVVVVGW!!!!!  Melody

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Good afternoon!  I like Saturdays when you feel like you are accomplishing a lot.  And today I do.  So far I have cleaned my bedroom.......:)  Believe me that is a lot!!!  Mel helped me to rearrange things and add two bookshelves.  So now I don't have to have piles of books by my bed.  It really improves things tremendously.
I have done a few other things too.  I have worked for an hour on my self portrait.  Only two hours to go!  It is hard because he doesn't want us to add value.  We can only do line.  So that makes it interesting.  And we can't erase anything....or use a photo.  So it is all mirrors!  Sounds like a magic act!
Next I have to make an outline for my illustration class...what I will do each week in there.
So, hola out to the great big amazing world of cyberspace.  And now I'd better get back to work!  HAVVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Friday, September 14, 2012

Silly Talk

Guten Tag!  It is another gorgeous day here today.  The smoke is still here, but not too bad with the cooler weather.  And today feels like a good day.  You know that song that is so popular with the younger generation? ....."Well, Tonight's gonna be a good night....yeah, tonight's gonna be a good , good night"....and it just keeps repeating that phrase over and over and over until you just wanna shout....."OKay!  Enough!!!  They play it all over campus, all the time.  Anyway, I guess it is in my head, but instead of "Tonight", I have substituted, "Today's gonna be a good good day!"  I like my version much better!  I have been humming it as I clean.  It may turn out to be a favorite song, now that I have solved the verbage problem.
I feel like I am making good progress.  I almost have my self-assigned chores done.  Then I am off to Joy's to help sew dresses.  I am looking forward to that.  I love sewing, and I have largely ignored it for a few years with school and all.  I wish they had a fabric class for art.  I know that they do in California, and probably at BYU too.  BYU is where I learned to sew really well.  I took a flat pattern design class there and learned a lot of tailoring tricks.  But today I think I will just be hemming.
Ha, ha!  It just occurred to me where the origination of the name of Hemmingway might have come from...I can see a whole row of seamstresses lined up along the avenue, Monty Python style, hemming and humming:)  "Well, today's gonna be a good day!"  I know .....I am silly.  I just have silly thoughts some days.  It keeps my world strange and fun.  I hope your world is fun today.  I'm still pulling for you!  HAVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Good evening! I have had this song in my head this evening....but since I can't figure out the song player anymore,  I will just share the words....
Artist: Christopher Cross
Song Title: Sailing
Well, it's not far down to paradise, at least it's not for me
And if the wind is right you can sail away and find tranquility
Oh, the canvas can do miracles, just you wait and see.
Believe me.
It's not far to never-never land, no reason to pretend
And if the wind is right you can find the joy of innocence again
Oh, the canvas can do miracles, just you wait and see.
Believe me.
Sailing takes me away to where I've always heard it could be
Just a dream and the wind to carry me
And soon I will be free
Fantasy, it gets the best of me
When I'm sailing
All caught up in the reverie, every word is a symphony
Won't you believe me?
Well it's not far back to sanity, at least it's not for me
And if the wind is right you can sail away and find serenity
Oh, the canvas can do miracles, just you wait and see.
Believe me.
In a way it is how I feel about the "canvas" of painting.  It really does take me away to a nicer place.
     I took a photo of my "David" portrait to share this evening.  I think I am making progress....
I still have to finish it....but I think I got the proportions right, so that is a really big deal.   I am struggling with shadow still.  I have more to add around the eyes and brow and nostril, as you can probably tell, and maybe to the background.  It feels like it is working though, and I am happy about that. It is not due for a couple of weeks.
My illustration teacher liked my ideas about doing one illustration each for a few fairy a book cover.  So I will learn more about how to do that.  I am excited about illustration again!
And I finished molding my small ceramic pot today.  So next I have to carve in some decoration before it dries.  And I started the double size pot today.  So I am on task for that class.  School is fun again:)
A funny thing....I forgot to wear covered toe type shoes today, and you have to for ceramics class.  So I went to a sporting goods store near campus and picked up a cheap pair of tennis shoes that were on sale.  I guess they will be my "car shoes".  That way if I accidentally wear sandals I won't have to worry.  As I was walking out of the store I happened to pass by a display of hoola hoops and giggled a little:)  Happy memories.
For homework this weekend, I have to do another self portrait, and a dream portrait, and write up my schedule of assignments for my illustration class.  And finalize things around here for Kim's wedding next weekend, which includes helping my sister Joy with some dresses she is sewing for Kim's girls....all four of them!  She is going to have fun with four girls and three boys I think:)
Well, the sign downtown was kind of cute least it made me giggle...."Paranoia - what you have if you think this definition is all about you!"  Well, I guess I had better figure out some dinner.  I hope you have a lovely evening out in cyberspace tonight!  Keep smiling!  I am definitely smiling...and giggling.  HAVVVVVGE!!!!!   Melody

Character Development

Good morning!   I am off to see the wizard!  Or the next best illustration teacher.  I need his help to figure out how to improve upon my talents this semester.  I hope he can show me the way to the yellow brick road!!!  Oh, wait, I think I got my characters mixed up a bit.  Oh well.  I am actually thinking that part of this semester I would like to draw some interesting Rumpelstiltskin, and the Little Match Girl.
So I had better scooot.  Happy day and all that!!!  And HAVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Books and Vine Charcoal

Good evening!  I am feeling a little rested this evening....after coming home from school and taking a nice, long nap!  Ha, ha!  I couldn't have done that with a house full of children....although I suppose I probably did that a few times over the years.  Anyway, now that I have recovered a little wakefulness I can share my day, which was once again a real treat....well, for the most part.
I started my day at the doctor's office where he explained a little about the chemistry of my kidney stone.  And he told me I have one in my other kidney that is about 3 cm. and could decide to move:(  But he said it might not...I guess there is no way to know.  I am going to have another more extensive lab test to make sure there is no underlying cause for these stones.  But that is not for another month.  So I guess for now I have a clean slate:)  Did I mention that I am sooooo grateful for modern medicine, and caring doctors and nurses?  I am!
Then I went to book club.  I was a bit late, but no matter.  Everyone there was so sweet to me, and made me feel like I was most welcome.  I love this group of friends.  We have been meeting for over 20 years now I think.  Each of us has matured and experienced so much of life, and we have grown close as we have shared and laughed and cried with each other.  We discussed the book, Outliers, which I would most heartily recommend....and yes, I read the right book, phew!  It was fun to hear what other experiences the other women could add to the author's experiences.  They are a well traveled and well educated group, and they have lots to share.  C talked about her son's experiences in South Africa, on his mission, and her other son's experiences in South Korea working over there.  Since part of the book was about how culture influences success it gave us a little more insight.  I added that our definition of success was probably not quite the same as the author's....since our religious culture certainly influenced how we would define what a successful life might mean.  T, who led the group always takes copious notes and kept reminding us of what the author had said about this or that.  C is an English teacher and had lots to add about how literate this young author was.  J is the oldest in the group, and added her wisdom about how much influence we have and don't have in our children's lives.  It was a lively discussion.  I especially enjoyed talking with the younger J, as she is an artist and went to BSU, and she has a great interest in what I am taking and what instructors I have.  We always have fun comparing notes!
Vine Charcoal
After book club I went on over to my life drawing class....and drew, with vine charcoal, about 30 mass gestural drawings.  Most of them were two minute drawings today, although the last two we did, we got to draw for five and then ten minutes.  I am not sure the extra time improved my drawing at all.  But this was a new way of drawing for me.  We couldn't use any contour lines, just shadows and light and shapes.  I guess it is good to practice this as it forces you to look at the total shapes, instead of just the lines.  But it was like thinking backwards in Chinese for me:)  That contributed to my being so exhausted by the end of class.  Also that Mel didn't get home til about 1:30 this morning.  He had to pick up material in Salt Lake for a rush order.  Anyway, I couldn't sleep til he got home, and even then I just couldn't seem to sleep too well.
Well, that is my wonder filled day of today.  I cannot believe it is already Wednesday.  The time really speeds up when I am so engaged in learning new things.  I am glad for that!  Well, have a most wonderful evening where ever you are in this amazing world.  I am still pulling for you...and laughing!!!  HAVVVVVGE!!!!!  Melody

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Evening News

Good evening!  I had to make a special evening report tonight because I am so excited about my drawing class!  And Mel isn't home yet, so I have to tell somebody!!!  :)  Today we started a portrait of a figure that my art teacher has of the head of David by Michelangelo.
It looks something like this.  I love the furrowed brows!  Anyway, I started my drawing...taking all of the measurements we are learning how to do...and it is really starting to look like the real portrait!  I am excited about this. Of course there is still a lot to learn, but I feel like I am finally making some headway, and it feels wonderful!  When I get it done, I will take a photo, and maybe you can see what I mean...maybe not.  It all could just be my imagination:)  But I really had fun drawing today. And that is saying a lot, because we sit on these old fashioned wooden horse contraptions, that allow you to sit and draw....but they are definitely made for young students.  I bring in a cushion to sit on, but after two and a half hours on one of those things I feel saddle sore!
After drawing I went to my swimming aerobics class.  That is really fun!  And I am getting better at it...although I am probably one of the slowest in the class.  But the population of the class has changed from mostly older ladies, to mostly younger students.  So I guess it is all good.
Ceramics was fun today too.  We had a kind of critique of our little pots.  And some are fantastic! Mine is very simple, but I think it will be beautiful when it is least I am going for elegant, simplicity.  We shall see.
Anyway, that is my progress for today.  And it does feel like progress, which I am quite pleased about. I guess it helps to feel like I am going forward again.  I hope things are good in your neck of the woods.  I am still pulling for you!!!  We are all in this together.  Take care and remember to smile!!!  I am definitely smiling from this side!  TTTT  Melody

Joy, joy, joy!

Guten Morgen!  I am rushing again!  But I just feel so good that I thought I should share a little of the joy:)  It's funny, since the whole kidney stone thing, my knees seem much better.  I don't really think they are, but my tolerance for pain has gotten better.
Anyway, have a most wonderful day out in cyberspace today!!!!  Keep smiling!  Me

Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Monday Night!

Howdy, howdy!  I have had a great day today.....except for a little fender bender.  Yep, someone backed up into me as I was waiting for a parking space at the co-op.  I honked and yelled, but she just kept coming.  Luckily it did very little fact, my car is dirty enough, you can hardly see it:)  I told Mel I would run it through the car wash tomorrow before we definitely decide not to report it.  Our regular carwash place is closed, so I haven't been through the car wash in a few weeks.  And we get lots of bugs and dust out here in the boonies.
My illustration class went better than I expected.  My teacher gave me some good pointers and suggestions of how to proceed, so I hope I can refine things to where I know what I am doing in there.  I think I will try a couple of different approaches to design an excerpt from a story.  I am still a little unclear about how I will do this, but I have a few ideas.  Anyway, I am closer than I was yesterday.
My life studies drawing class went well.  I am certainly learning to draw more quickly.  We did half the class on one minute drawings, and the other half on 5 minute drawings.  I guess I did about twenty drawings.  Then at the end of class we shared our self portraits.  I am not the worst in the class....but I have lots of room for improvement.  I think I learned a lot from the critique though.  And comparing it to what others did helped too.  I will learn this!!!
Oh, and riding back and forth to school I listened to my book on tape....The Outliers.  I am learning a lot from that book.  One thing is that it takes 10,000 hours to get good at class good.  So I figure I have a few more hours to put in:)  It is an interesting read.  I must admit it is a little different from the regular book club fare....I hope I got the right book this time:)  I still think it is funny I read the wrong book that one time:)  Oh well.  I guess I am doing well reading any book at all right now.  Things feel so busy.
Speaking of which, Kim and her daughter Elle, cleaned my house while I was at school today.  That sure felt nice to come home to a clean house.  And as Kim said, it will probably stay pretty clean with only Mel and I knocking around in it before the wedding.  I can be quite a mess maker though:)  I am planning on baking some breakfast rolls for the wedding, since it is a morning ceremony.  I guess I will keep the kitchen in baking mode til I get that all done.  I am getting excited for this!
Well, I have a little homework to do tonight...and it's family night.  So I will sign off.  I hope your evening is fun and family-ish!  Take care, smile and remember I'm still pulling for you!!!  We're all in this together (I think those democrats stole my line!).  HAVVVVVGFHE!!!  Melody

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Faithful Sabbath

Good Sabbath!  And it definitely is, now that I am done with my lesson!  I think it went pretty one got up and left:)  And I got a nap to boot!  Not during the lesson....that came much later.  So now I am blogging and eating chocolate ice cream and bananas.  I know....sugar.  But I am watching it so I think this is allowed.  If not......too late now!
I have everything sort of semi done for school tomorrow.  My self portrait looks like a distant cousin....if you squint.  I tried to make it mathematically, and it is not very good.  But he told us we had to use a photos.  So I just did my best.  I could stand a little instruction here!!!  So I will definitely share that I could use some help in class tomorrow.
My draft for illustration is very sad.  I will have to work on it tomorrow with the teacher's help.  I did e- mail him last week and he said he would work on it with me.  So hopefully I can come up to speed quickly in there.  I guess it is my senior studio class....I don't feel like a senior.  I need to learn to draw first:)  But oh well.  I just keep plugging along.  I will get this one way or another.  I have been reading my book for book club....The Outliers.  It is about how come people are successful....and it seems to me that they stick with things til they get it right.  I am not through with the book yet though, so maybe there is more to it:)
I am also reading another No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency book.  I was excited to find a new one at the library that I hadn't read.  At least I don't remember reading it.  It is called...The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection.  So far it does not seem familiar, so I am enjoying it immensely.  I love the wisdom of Mme Ramotswe, and I love trying to figure out how to say that in my head:)  Alexander McCall Smith is a good author.  I love following his facebook page!
Well, I hope this is a wonderful Sabbath day for you out there in cyberspace.  Take care and keep smiling.  Life is amazing!  Melody
P.S. My nephew Seth Orza is dancing at the Guggenheim today!  Here is a link....I think he will be on sometime around 5:30 mountain time.Pacific Northwest Ballet  I'm not sure how this live stream sister gave me the address.  Good luck, Seth!!!!  You are the best!!!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Hi!  I am preparing my lesson for tomorrow and I happened upon this video which is wonderful.  If you haven't seen it, you are missing out!  So here is the link.  Light of Christ  There are three videos, and this is the first.  I really like the message of all three.  Elder Bednar is always so clear in how he states things!
Well, I had better get back to my lesson.  Just wanted to share a little light:)  HAWE!  Melody

A Special Day

Good Saturday morning!  I am already off to an early start, having already been to Wilder this morning....that's Wilder, Idaho, not wilder ideas.  Mel had to borrow back his trailer from our daughter, so I hitched a ride so I could see Julie and visit with the grandkids.  I wish I could have stayed longer, but Mel has chores, and so do I!  Today I am going to tackle a self portrait for my life drawing class...don't worry.  It is only from the neck up:)  But we are supposed to use only contour lines and also we are supposed to spend three hours on it.  I am not sure how to do that.  But I will give it the old college try.  Then I need to do a draft of what my plans are for illustration class this next semester.  And then I need to spend some time on my lesson for tomorrow.  I have read it through a few times.  It is a good one about the power of faith.  So I should have plenty to keep me busy.
So I wanted to say....last night's Great Performances was terrific!  Here is a link to one of the songs...Paul McCartney  I liked it especially well, because he sang some of my favorite old jazz tunes. And he had such amazing guest artists....Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton just to name a couple.  I grew up with these dad playing many of them in the dance bands he played in.  So it was a real treat for me.  I wish I could find a link to watch the whole thing.  I forgot to record it, and it is one I would like to watch more than once.  At least now I know what album I am going to add to my iTunes with the iTunes card my grandkids bought me:)
Well, I had better get on with things here.  The day keeps on speeding by!!!  HAVVVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Friday, September 7, 2012

Program Notes

Just a note...:)  I am watching PBS Great Performances tonight, and it is especially good...  Paul McCartney recording an album with some of the greats in the business.  Just a heads up in case you get a chance to see it.  HAGE!!!  Me


Good morning!  It is a beautiful day here today and I am feeling very energetic, so I am off to school to coil a pot and then draw a pedestal, a work horse (the wooden kind) and a metal chair. And somewhere in my day I will swim a little, shop a little, and plan a lesson for Sunday.  Yes, life is busy again.  No more sleeping all day.  And that feels very, very good! So since I am smiling I thought I would pass it on by sending a happy hello out to cyberspace.  I hope you have a most lovely day.  Take care and HAVVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The sign downtown

Good evening!  I made it!  I got through a whole day of classes and I am only exhausted...not back in the hospital or anything:)  So that is good.  And I am quite excited.  I think I am really going to get a wonderful education on how to draw this semester.  My teacher for my Tuesday /Thursday drawing class is soooooo good!  I already learned two things today that should help my drawing accuracy by at least 100%!  They were all about sighting...or in other words, how to figure out proportions for a drawing by looking at it in a measurable way.  She had some new ideas that really work.  And it only requires a little algebra:)  I think it will help me with "getting it right".  And besides all of her good knowledge she is a sweet, kind person.  She was very attentive to my need to catch up to the class and spent about 40 minutes getting me up to speed.  That is not required, but I sure appreciate her going the extra mile.  And it made me think how much nicer the world could be if everyone just followed that one teaching of Christ' go the extra mile with someone...instead of ignoring their needs.
My ceramics class is also wonderful...and the same thing happened....the teacher took extra time to catch me up to where the rest of the class was.  I guess I didn't think that would happen.  I sort of thought I would have to ask other class members what happened while I was gone.  Such kind and good teachers!  Of course I will have to put in a few hours this weekend to actually do the work that I fell behind on.  But I expected that....and now I am actually looking forward to it.  After all, I am taking art classes because it is a subject I love....and want to learn all I can about it.  I decided to go with the Warka Vase as my design for ceramics.  We are doing a coil pot...simple I guess, but new for me.  I love working in new ways.  It is kind of exciting.  Now if I can get my stamina up.  I am still so shaky...and a little dizzy.  But I guess it has only been a week since surgery.  I may be expecting a lot:)
I feel really pretty good.
Well, enough about me...Oh right, this is a blog.  I suppose I could blog about politics.  But I think I may just get more confused blogging about it all.  I may be a bit biased being a small business owner too.  I think I will not put my toe in the water of politics.  But I will certainly vote my conscience when the time comes.
In other news....the countdown is getting closer for Kim's wedding....16 days!  I hope it all goes well.  Oh, and as promised...the sign downtown...."Paradox - a pair of physicians."  Ha!   I hope things are merry and bright in your world tonight.  Keep smiling.  Life's grand... and there's got to be a good punch line in it somewhere!!!  HAVVVVVGE!!!  Melody

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Speed Drawing!

Good evening!  I actually had some life experiences today:)  I really have felt very out of it for a while. My drawing class was very good.  I feel like I am learning lots in there.  Today we had to do speed drawing....for two and a half hours!  It was kind of fun.  First we had to draw the model in one minute....then in ten seconds!  Then we had to use only contour lines, then no contour lines.  By the end of class we got to draw a picture using what ever lines, shadows, cross contour lines and we got to take five whole minutes:) It's funny how long that five minutes felt after ten seconds!  And I could see some improvement in my drawings.  So I think I will get through this class.
Tomorrow I have two classes...drawing and ceramics.  And it is a long day from 9 - 4:30, so I am kind of dreading it.  But I think I can do it.  If not I will just tell the teacher I can't and go home:)  They are all pretty understanding.  I think I am very blessed to have such great teachers this semester!
Well, what more can I share?  Not much.  I am feeling like a nap might not hurt:)  Take care out there in cyberspace!  I am still pulling for you!  HAVVVVGE!!!  Melody

On This Day of Joy and Gladness!

Good morning!  What a difference a day makes!  I am feeling almost like myself today.  And that is saying a lot.  I was even able to think clearly enough to write my paper for class today.  I only have one class on Wednesday and it doesn't start until noon.  I think I am going to like this schedule!  I may even get to go to book club:)  That would be fun.  It's always on a Wednesday morning, and I usually have class on Wednesday morning.  So I hope it all works out so that I can.
Well, not much to report since all I have done for the last few days is sleep:)  I have had some very weird dreams, but that is probably from the narcotic they had me on.  I am glad to be off of that!  I hope your day is swell out there in cyberspace....full of joy and gladness!!!  HAVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Almost There

Good Day!  Well, I didn't make it to school after all today.  Things are still not working quite the way they should and I didn't want to embarrass myself at school.  Is this vague enough?  I don't mean to share too much:)  So maybe tomorrow.  I suppose it is a lot to ask my body to recover from surgery in a few short days.
And this is nice to spend one more day at home getting things ready for school.  I have not polished my paper yet that is due tomorrow.  It is on the Evolution of Intent....and it is pretty scholarly.  Or in other words, they have used lots of big words, and I am having a hard time summarizing it.  I think he is mostly saying that drawings of people are most interesting when they engage the viewer somehow.  And I agree with that.  But of course, he gives a whole lot of examples and tries to dissect each drawing to figure out what is so amazing about it.  To me it is kind of like explaining a joke...if you don't get it, the explanation kind of takes the humor out of it when you finally do.  Not always....but you know!  And I think Rembrandt and Picasso and Matisse were quite intuitive in their drawings.  They contain the wonderful elements that make them fantastic, but I don't think those artists charted it all.  Maybe I am wrong, but I don't think so.
Well, I just wanted to pop in and say "Hellllooooo!" to all of cyberspace.  Then I think I may crawl back under the covers.  I sure hope I can get rested enough soon!  Take care and HAVVVVVGW!!!   I'm still pulling for you!  We're all in this together:)  Melody

Monday, September 3, 2012


Ha!  I love these blind contour drawings.  I had to do a couple for my class that I missed on Thursday because I had my surgery.  The idea is that you draw without looking at the paper and without lifting up the pen.  The first two are really blind.... I didn't get to look at all.  The third one I got to look a little of the time.....20%?  Mel wasn't angry...just concentrating on his work.  And yeah, I made him look like he gained twenty pounds!  Just thought I would share a chuckle:)  HAVVVVVGFHE!!!  Melody

Happy Labor Day!

Good morning!  I am feeling mucho better today, so I think I can go to school tomorrow.  Funny, because when I was a kid going to school, I was always looking for excuses not to go.  I am still quite tired, but I think this week is pretty easy anyway.  I only have three days of classes, and Wednesday is only one class.
Kim and her fiance and kids came to visit last night.  And we talked wedding plans....only three more weeks.  They said I only have to be in charge of punch:)  The kind you drink....not deliver.  I think this will be a very easy wedding for me.  But I am planning on doing a few more things to help.  I am just not sure what yet.  They seem quite happy together though, so that is the main thing.  They will have seven kids!  He has four, and she has three.  So I will have 31 grandkids!  That really may require some on Christmas and birthday gifts.  And I will definitely need a chart.  I cannot keep track of all of the birthdays now!  But I like that I have all of these beautiful grandchildren!  They are such a joy!
Well, I guess I had better finish up my homework before tomorrow gets here.  The day just keeps on keepin' on!  I hope your day is lovely and happy and not too laborious!  HAVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Sunday, September 2, 2012


Good Sabbath morning!  This is a beautiful video about the Savior and the woman taken in adultery.  I love that the church is making these videos!   Each one is done so well.  Go and Sin No More
Well, I am still tired and not all there yet.  But each day I can tell I am getting a little better than the day before.  I am still amazed at how miraculous our bodies are.  As I heal and another part of me works right again, I think how I take it all for granted....that this body of mine can breathe and eat and heal itself.  It truly is a miracle.
Well, I hope your day is full of goodness and miracles.  Take care out there in cyberspace.  I am still pulling for you!  And have a holy Sabbath day!  Melody

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Vases and Urns and Such

Good morning!  I feel like I have been living in a foggy half world for quite a while now.  But things are starting to clear as I am healing and taking less meds.  I plan on being all better by next weekend!  I have to be since I teach a lesson then.  And I have all sorts of homework already beginning.
I have finished a couple of my homework assignments...almost.  For ceramics I am supposed to come up with five examples of vases from old world art and pick one to imitate and bring into a more modern context.  I like two especially well.
This one is from 540 BC.  It is from the archaic Greek period.  The picture is painted by Exekias and is of Achilles and Ajax Playing a Dice Game.  I think I could bring this into a more modern time by having them playing Wii or something:)
This other vase is older still from the Sumarian period.  I like how this one is so simple in shape.  It has an interesting history, as it was unearthed in fragments in an ancient temple in 1934 and pieced together.  Then it was looted in the Iraq wars in 2003 and then returned once again in pieces to the museum in 2007....oops!  I guess it was returned in 2003.  I'm not sure because there is differing info on the internet.  It is not known if it has been restored or not because of all of the turmoil that is still a part of that country. If you are interested it is called the Warka Vase.
In my illustration class I think I am going to do excerpts from a book for my grandkids....that I am still writing in my head.  It sounded really good about midnight last night:)  But I would like to do something special for Josie and Naia about their roots in Ghana.  So I am not sure quite how I want to do it, but something warm and fuzzy.

Warka Vase
I am supposed to do a blind contour drawing and also a partially seen contour drawing for my basic drawing class.  I am hoping I can get Mel to sit for a bit as my model later this afternoon or Monday.
Then I am supposed to write a paper summarizing an article I read for my other drawing class.  I will reread it a couple of times though, so I am sure I got it.  Like I said, I am still a little fluffy brained.  But I can do this!!!
I really am grateful for school!  I am excited to be back learning.  It is certainly challenging, but I feel more alive and productive when I am learning new things.  And it keeps me feeling less sorry for myself.  I don't like being ill.
Well, I hope things are grrrreat in your neck of the woods.  I am still pulling for you!  We're all in this together.   Take care and keep smiling!!!  And HAVVVVVGW!!!!!  Melody