Thursday, April 25, 2013

Felix and the Fish!

Good evening!  I have been busy today.  I painted until lunch time.  Then I took lunch to Mel and we ate it in the park.  It was such a gorgeous day, lots of squirrels and birds.  A funny thing happened.  There was this squirrel they scamper or mosey?  Not sure.  Anyway, this big crow was hopping behind him. Squirrel a couple of hops, bird a couple of hops.  Then the squirrel got serious and scampered off, with the crow right behind him.  Mel said, "Gotta have a French fry!  Gotta have a French fry!"  That made me laugh!
After lunch I got Liz and two of her boys, (Taylor was still in school), and we went over to the animal shelter to pick out a new cat.  I figured this time I would do the kid test.  If the cat liked the kids and vice versa that might work.  So we went and picked out several:)  But we finally decided on one black and white male kitty...we've named him Felix, since he looks very much like the cartoon character.
Such a resemblance, it's uncanny...or uncatty.  Anyway, I have a new cat.  He's rather aggressively friendly.  Earlier I was working on my power point and he kept jumping up on my table to get my attention.  And I petted him and then set him gently back down.  I guess he got fed up with that so he jumped up on my lap/shoulder and grabbed my arm with his claws!  Ouch!!!  I guess he will have to learn some manners!
It was a fun afternoon with Liz and her boys.  We picked up Taylor from school and came here to play in the sandbox.  Did I mention that my nickname with my grandkids is Grandma Sandbox?  Yep.  Somehow it fits.
So I worked on my sunfish and I am approaching happiness with it.  I really like the technique of layering paint since Bill helped me learn the technique.  I am still learning of course.  I had a hard time painting the water around the fish.  I am hoping I can ask for help on this too:)   Anyway, here it is so far...Except for the water, I kind of like this little fishy.  Well, I am tired.   So I will sign off...OFF!  Yeah, I am a bit silly. Must need sleep!  Take care and HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVGN!!!  Melody

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