Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Hola!  I am a little discouraged, so I thought I would blog a little and cheer myself up.  I am struggling with this painting method for illustration!  I know I need to practice, but it is so frustrating not to have the instruction to back that up.  I just emailed my professor asking for a demo in class of this method that he uses so well.  I know I won't pick it up immediately, but maybe after struggling with it today, I will recognize where I go wrong watching him do it right.  I hope he will comply.
Ok, so ....maybe if I picture a day at the beach.  Gentle breezes, warm sand, music playing in the back ground.  It sort of sounds like our Hawaiian vacation 30 years ago.  That was quite a nice vacation.  But I would settle for Santa Cruz!   Or Depoe Bay:)  I guess I don't really need a vacation, I just need a break.  I am feeling so stressed trying to get this painting done right.  I think blogging is helping, but a ride to the pharmacy might shake it up a little.  And I do need to pick up my medicine.
So here I go.  Thanks for listening:)  I hope your day is calm, inspired and full of fun!  Take care!  Melody

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