Monday, April 29, 2013

Shaking in my Boots!

Good evening!  I am home!  The best three words in my vocabulary right now!  What a day, what a day!  I am sad to report that I did rather poorly for my seminar class today.  I was well prepared, had a great power point, but when I got up in front of the class I got super nervous!!  I was shaking visibly!  I thought that as I got into it I would calm down.  But no...I think I got more nervous.  There is something about sharing my own art work that just unnerves me.  I guess I will have to get over that.  But I am not sure how.  I am super glad that I had written out what I wanted to say, because at least for part of my presentation I made some sense.  But it really was pretty bad.  And here is a genuine SIGH!!!  The best thing I can say about it is that it is over!  And we didn't get a grade for our presentation.  My teacher thought it was a good opportunity to see everyone's work and to get feedback on our perceptions about where we fit into the world of art and on our essay we have to write about it.  And it is true, it did help to get feedback.  But I totally admire anyone who can stand up in front of an audience and talk confidently about their own art.  Kudos to you!!!  I did receive a compliment from my teacher though.  She said my work was expertly done.  I shared three lizard woman cartoons, Rumpelstiltskin, and my gold bug.  And I used three other artists work to compare with my work. The class thought I should have left Roy Lichtenstein out, but my teacher thought he was a good choice.  I talked about how he used cartoons in an ironic way and helped to blur the lines between high and low art.  Oh well.  I am done.  I only have one more class for that class, next Monday.  Then I can just turn in my completed essay and be done with it.....forever!!!!  Sorry if I sound too excited.  I don't think it will take too much time to finish that essay, since I already wrote a pretty good rough draft for my presentation today.
Art history was interesting again.  We talked more about Michelangelo in Renaissance class and mannerism, which I must admit I am not terribly fond of.  My teacher liked a painting called "Madonna of the Long Neck."  It is by Parmigianino.  He sounds a little like a pizza:)  Anyway, here is the painting.  It is supposed to be the best example of Mannerism.
  I guess the idea is that limbs and torsos are exaggerated to be longer.  I am going to have to study this more because it doesn't seem especially attractive to me.
In 18th century history we talked about Henry Fuseli.  His painting is amazing, although a little terrifying.  This one called "The Nightmare" is one he is known for.  My teacher said he was very popular in his day.  It reminded me a little of a romance novel, although I guess his genre was more of the Gothic novel.
The beast sitting on her chest is a mythical creature that is supposed to bring nightmares.  Also you can see a real "night" mare sticking her head in the curtain.
We also discussed William Blake, whom I studied in English.  He is a great poet.  I had no idea he was also a painter.  A lot of his work is kind of dark.  But I really liked his simpler illustrations that went with his poetry.

This is the illustration he made for "Tyger, Tyger"  with a close up of the tiger.  It's funny the tiger seems rather tame.  It makes me wonder if he ever really saw a tiger.  But I like the watercolor.
Well, it's been fun, but I'd better go.  I just got a call from Mel.  His car stalled downtown.  So here I go to rescue him (kind of a switch, as he is usually rescuing me!)  Hope you have a great Family Home Evening!  Keep smiling, and I will do the same!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I suspect that you did better on your presentation that you think. I also loved the pictures you shared. I don't like that era of art as much as some but these were great pieces of art and I do like to go to art museums. I think the art I dislike the most is modern art and I love scenery. I also like a good painting of individuals.
My favorite piece of art that you had today was the Tiger.
Blessings and hugs!