Thursday, May 23, 2013

All the Gifts We Share

Good morning!  It is a bright and shiny day here in my two acre wood.  I love mornings when the sun shines bright!  And it goes along with my theme for today...all the gifts we share!  Yesterday was so nice, having much of my family here.  We had such a lovely time...and the food was fantastic!  Kenny and his friend, Nicky, made us a vegetable salad that was very tasty- mint and avocado.  Julie and her daughter, Josie, made us some wonderful Banku and Tomato Okra soup from Africa.  I made chocolate swirl cake:)  That was Kenny's request.  And Kim made the amazing frosting to go on top.  We had lots of fun visiting, playing nose whistles, and Settlers of Catan, and generally just being a family.  I made an announcement that I will be teaching any interested grandchildren weekly art lessons.  Now, I am wondering how I will do that:)  I think it will be fun.
Today I am going with Mel into work.  He has a morning meeting and I will work on the books.  Then we are going into Boise to pick up my car from the airport.  No one wanted to get up at 4 to take Kenny to the airport I guess, so we let him take my car:)  I have to take some books to the bookstore and mail a package.  Then maybe I will head to the art store for some charcoal and paper to teach an art lesson or two:)  Life seems awfully good today.  Isn't it interesting how life is?  Sometimes it's like a roller coaster, and then other times more like gentle waves, but always changing.
Well, just wanted to send a loud hello out into cyberspace today.  And best wishes!  Have a most wonderful day!!!!  I'm still pulling for you!!!!!!!!!!!  Melody

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