Monday, May 6, 2013

Family Night the World Around!

Good evening!  I am glad to be home again.  School was a little hard today.  Not sure why.  It may be that I am a little tired, but I think it is because it is coming to an end.  I turned in both of my research papers.  That felt very, very good.  And I got back some grades for my seminar class.  That may be what has got me down a bit.  I expected to get an A on one of my projects and the grade came back a B+.  It was the one I did on post colonialism with another student in class.  I thought we did rather well, and really expected a higher grade.  But then I think at BYU I would have been ecstatic over a B+.  It is all relative...and so subjective!  So I will pretend it is 40 years ago and smile...wide!!!
On the way home from school I stopped to get a swimming suit.  Mine has gotten so old that I was afraid to be seen in it.  It is not fun shopping for a swimming suit.  It is hard to stand in front of a full length mirror and see the evidence of 63 years on earth.  It is probably another reason why I am feeling a little down.  I used to like looking at myself in a full length mirror:)  But I suppose it has been some time since that was true!
I am trying to think what amazing thing happened today.  And I guess there was one thing.  At women's conference they talked about letting other people know our good feelings about them, so I thanked a young, sweet girl in my class for being my friend.  She is always friendly and smiling and she helped me last week when I was feeling so discombobulated in class.  I had done the power point, and felt so nervous, and I couldn't figure out how to remove my flash drive from the computer.  I was feeling very frustrated, and very old.  I hate feeling stupid about computer technology.  She came up in front where the computer was and patiently showed me how it was done.  I just wanted her to know that it meant a lot to me.  She hugged me and told me how much she liked me, and that I had helped her and the rest of the class survive more than once by speaking up for them all in another class we have together.  It felt good.  I have to add a little note here though.  In seminar class this morning we finished the rest of the power points, and about half of the people could not figure out how to remove the flash drive!  So maybe it was just tricky on that particular machine and I am not as old as I feel in there:)  One can only hope.
Well, I hope all is fun and frolicky in cyberspace this evening.  It is family night after all.  I am hoping Mel will want to watch a nice church movie and pop some popcorn or something fun and relaxing and not at all studious!  Take care out there!  I'm still pulling for you!  And reminding myself that we're all in this together.  I don't suppose you can hear those drums.  They seem to be outside my window whenever I think of two finals next week!!!  Eeeeeeck!

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LeAnn said...

wow, I think I would be thrilled with a B+. You are doing so awesome. As for the swimming suit; I hate trying on anything these days and looking in the mirror in the dressing room. I am losing some weight but I still look round.
As for technology, I only learn on a trial and error basis.
Blessings and hugs!