Thursday, May 9, 2013!

Good morning!  I am definitely avoiding schoolwork this morning.  I made a really yummy pancake breakfast...instead of the usual cold cereal or oatmeal.   It was nice to enjoy breakfast with Mel instead of rushing to get to school.  Then I did the dishes.  I actually enjoy doing dishes anymore.  I like the hot soapy water and the way it feels on my hands.  I used to particularly hate this chore.  It's funny that it is something I enjoy now.  Maybe it has to do with the memories of washing dishes with family members over the years...before mechanical dishwashers.  I like to remember how fun it was just to be with my sisters and brother, fighting over who had to wash the pans, or dry the silverware.  Funny memories now.  After the dishes I cleaned the dusty coffee table and end tables.  I haven't really dusted for ages, so I used a wet cloth and then dried them.  I am anxious to only have house work for a while.
But now I need to get back to the chore of flash cards.  I have made 74 more to go.  It is a good exercise, because as I make the cards I do a lot of memorizing without too much effort.  But when they are done, I will have to start the real drill....ugh!  Tomorrow I am going to meet with a friend from one of my classes to study for a couple of hours.  We can go over concepts together.  That will help.  And maybe I can get some ideas for the essay we have to write for the tests.  I am trying to enjoy the process, but I don't think it is working yet.  I will have to turn on some good music or something.
This morning Mel and I were talking about the lawn.  There is a new lady in our ward.  I was asking Mel if her name was Lala, or Laila.  Mel laughed and said that it was the lawn.  So that is why we got onto that topic.  The dandelions have kind of taken over.  Mel only got part of the lawn fertilized, so the rest is full of those beautiful little puffs of weed.  He is kind of upset by it.  He is really pushed for time.  But he hates to hire an expensive lawn service.  So I suggested maybe we could hire an inexpensive teenager.  He then said, "Maybe goats."  Which made me laugh because he hates goats. So then I said "The white house used to use sheep.  They would tie about four of them together and let them roam around the lawns."  Mel then said, "Hey, you on the left, eat faster!"  I puzzled over why he thought that was funny.  Then he said, "You...e-w-e!"  He does have a quick mind.
Well, I guess I have shared a funny moment.  Now for a more serious one....nope.  Nothing.  Maybe later.  Take care.  Have a most wonderful, joyous, happy, inspired day.  Life is filled with wonder!  Keep smiling!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I love your husband's sense of humor. It is important to do some fun things in between the hard moments. wow, making 85 card would be a big chore let alone memorizing them.
Blessings on this one!