Saturday, May 4, 2013

I Did It!!!!!

Good evening!  I did it....I finished both of my research papers!!!!!!  I really was afraid I might not, but I said a few prayers as I got stuck several times today.  I love that there is prayer, and that it can be so helpful.  I really know that I got inspiration today.  And it feels so good to be done.
Now I only have one more paper...a short one for seminar class to go with my power point.  And then I need to finish my sunfish painting, which I think I can do by Wednesday...our last class!  In fact everything will be done next week, except for my last two finals for art history classes.  And then...I will be done!!!!!!!!!!!  I really can't believe it.  This has definitely been my hardest semester so far.  I knew it would be though, taking two art history classes and senior seminar.
I learned that they are forming another class for next semester to accommodate all of the kids that need it to is a senior exhibition class.  It is not for senior citizens, but for senior class students.  Yeah, it gets a little confusing to me too.  Anyway, I have to have it to graduate.  And I got an email that they were adding another section, so I guess if all goes well I will graduate at the end of 2013!  I think that is very cool.
I met a new-to-me artist at BYU yesterday.  His name is Dave Bowman.
He was really nice, drew fabulous portraits of Jesus smiling.  I will see if I can find a link for him so you can see his work.  I bought a couple of his prints, but I already gave them both away to a daughter and a granddaughter.  So I will have to get one for me:)  He and I talked for a while.  I asked him where he was from (Saratoga), where he went to school (BYU), and what his art major was (Illustration).  I like meeting new artists.
Unfortunately I did not get to spend much time in the meet and greet part of the bookstore.  It was a real rushed thing to try to get to classes and still have time for fun stuff.
Well, I am tired so I am headed for bed.  Just had to share that I got done with those horrid papers:)  Take care out there.  And have a wonderful night!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

Wow, that is awesome that you are almost through for this semester. It takes a lot of dedication to go back to school; I am so impressed. I loved the pictures of the Savior. I am sure it was awesome to meet the artists.
Blessing for you to have an awesome week