Monday, May 13, 2013

I Passed!

Good, good!  I think I passed my first final.  I know I got all of the images right.  The rest was essay so it is very subjective.  But it felt good.  And I also got back my research paper for that class with a big fat lovely A on it!  I am relieved!
So, you ask, were there any trick questions?  Well, yes!  Instead of the outside of the Basilica of the Fourteen Holy Helpers, she showed an interior photo.  I totally guessed that it must be what the inside looks like.  I got home and looked it up, and I guessed right.  Funny, huh?  It is a beautiful church.  I hope to see it someday!  It has an interesting story.  When the whole of Europe was enfulfed in what is now known as the Black Plague, a priest saw a child crying in the woods.  But when he picked him up he disappeared.  He saw him again a few times I think.  Then when he finally talked with him, the child told him he was there to help with the plague. He and thirteen others.  But they needed a resting place.  So they built this gorgeous church.  At least that is how I think the story goes.  You might want to look it up.  I would but I need to study 50 more images!  Aaaaaaaack!!!!
Well, tonight is empty nester's family night.  I would skip it to study, but it sounds so interesting!  A couple who served their mission in Africa are speaking.  So I will take my flash cards along and study them in the intermission:)
I hope all is well in cyberspace.  One more final and then it is summer break for me!!!!  I am sooo looking forward to this!!!  Have a most lovely evening!  Melody


LeAnn said...

Way to go on the final; I knew you would do good. You are very disciplined in your studying.
I can just imagine how happy you will be when the next final is over.
Blessings to you!

singing/granny said...

Thanks for all your comments! It is always nice to hear from you! I love reading your blog and especially when you bear testimony of the Savior! Yes, I will be very happy when the last final is over! It will be nice to have a break. I liked your suggestion to take a break every 45 minutes. I think I do that naturally:) My best wishes for you! Melody