Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael...Oh My!!!

Good morning!   I am back at it.  I have decided to memorize 10 cards an hour...so I should have them memorized by this afternoon:)  I hope it works.  I also need to prewrite the essay and reread my notes.  And then there are those chapters I didn't read yet:(  I may have to do some super skimming and maybe see what I can find to watch on youtube.  It is surprising what you can find there.  They have college lectures on many topics.  I don't know how I ever studied without an internet.  I must have had to go to the library!
Our activity was fun last night.  The Raymonds talked.  They went to Zimbabwe on their mission.  I think it was a life changer for them.  From the way he talked I don't think they had ever known any black people before.  One of the kind of funny statements he made was that the people there are so marvelous that after you get to know them you don't even think of their skin color.  Yeah, it's Idaho.  I worry a little about my two sweet granddaughters growing up here.  But Julie is their mom, and I don't know anyone who could give more of good feelings and support for whatever you need.  But it worries me that skin color might be an issue.  I hope the world has learned a few lessons from all that has gone on since post colonialism.  I mean there was a whole civil rights movement!
Oh well, the fireside was good.  It was fun to see all of their slides.  I guess elephants roam around...and huge spiders!  And they had quite a few pictures of crocodiles and even a hyena.  They said that most of the big animals were in a park, but that elephants, and monkeys were everywhere:)  I thought, "What an experience!  Would I be willing to go where it might get too warm...or have icky spiders...or poisonous snakes?"  Then I thought, "We have that here!  But I have air conditioning, Raid and a snake bite kit:)"  So I suppose I could go where ever I was needed.  I hope we can go on a mission eventually.  It is something I have always thought we would do.
Well, I had better get on with my studies.  I remembered this morning that after my test tomorrow I still have some illustration stuff to get done and turned in by Friday.  So I guess I won't really be done til it is all turned in.  I can do this!!!
I hope your day goes well out in cyberspace today.  Keep smiling!  And laughing!  I am laughing on this side of things.  HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!!  Melody


Unknown said...

That sounds so cool. Elephants don't roam in Ghana (at least not where we were). Josie has already had to deal with a lot of prejudice here but not more than any Hispanic kid would hear. There are just very ignorant people who teach their kids very stupid things to say. Plus kids are just mean anyway. Whatever they can put you down with they will do it. I think lately she is getting teased because she is the fastest runner in the whole school. Boys don't like that. She does though. :) Love ya Mom

singing/granny said...

Oh, I hate that she has to deal with that! I guess she will help people overcome their ignorance with her sweet personality. It isn't right of course. I'm sure she is the fastest runner though!!! It's a good thing since she is so beautiful! Yes, they said that the elephants could be pretty dangerous...also that the crocodiles were very wicked! Ha, ha! I guess they are real deadly...and warthogs too! I didn't know they could kill you. Love you too, Unknown Julie:)