Saturday, May 11, 2013

One o' clock and all is well!

Good morning!  I am pulling another grave yard shift.  I woke up very wide awake about an hour ago, and I can't seem to fall back asleep.  My head is too full of images from the 18th century I guess:)  I did manage to memorize most of the flash cards I need to for that class.  I recorded all of the info on my voice memo on my phone, and then as I drove into Boise to study with a friend, Michelle, at the school, I played it over and over and over and over:)  I think I have all of the images down, not all of the dates yet.  But I am feeling more confident than I did a day ago.  And when I studied with Michelle, we shared our notes of each image.  That will help because our teacher doesn't just ask for identifying things.  She asks us to write all we know about each image.  So it is good to know why each image is important.  When the sun comes up I will continue reading.  I didn't get all of the reading done that was assigned for this semester...sigh!  There is a lot.  But luckily it is not too hard, and even kind of interesting.  It's funny I know.  You would think all of the reading would be interesting.  But often it is written so poorly....not at all clear, with lots of big words to look up, and obscure meanings.  So it is refreshing to read things that are clear and interesting.  However it did put me to sleep last night.  I suppose I should read some more now:)  I just hate to wake Mel up though.  He is a light sleeper and pretty light sensitive.  That sort of makes me smile, as I can just imagine me turning on the light to read and waking him up.  Why would I smile at that?  I used to have a little book light, but that bothered him.  I can read with my iphone kindle, but my reading for this class is printed off from the internet.  So I will wait for the sun to come up.  And in the meantime I will blog and try to get my head straight.
Have you noticed how easy it is to make acquaintances?  People you see often, but you have no idea about them, except that they are friendly and you are friendly back?  I think it is nice to have those kind of acquaintances.  There is a young man at the parking booth at school that I pay my parking fee to that I see every time I park at school.  He is friendly and recognizes me as a regular.  I thought of him, because yesterday I noticed that he was listening to classical music, so I commented that I thought that was great.  He said yes, he listened to it to feel better.  I told him I listened to it to straighten my brain out.  He knew exactly what I meant...I think.  Like I said, I really know so little about him.  It makes me think how really amazing life is.  We really know only a handful of people...maybe 500 or a thousand in our lifetime, unless you are famous:)  Then I suppose it could reach a bunch more.  Of those only a very few we are friends with.  And of those only a very, very few that we feel close and connected to.  It makes me think I should be especially nice to everyone with whom I come into contact.  I try.  Sometimes I get annoyed with complete strangers though.  Usually they are in a car that just cut me off, or a sales person that was rude, or some other silly annoyance.  I think I've got to be better.
Do I sound tired?  Maybe I should stay off of here when it is so early in the morning.  You can see why I have trouble sleeping though.  These kind of crazy, random thoughts just won't leave me alone!  Sometimes I think I should have a job writing, then I could get paid for all of this nonsense!  Oh well.  I think I am headed back to bed.  I will try to calm the stories in my head and get some sleep.  I hope you are sleeping well out in cyberspace...unless you are on the other side of the world.  In that case I hope you are having a wonderful day in the sunshine!  I plan to do that very soon!  Sweet Dreams!  Melody

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