Thursday, May 30, 2013

Organizing my creative scattered self!

Good morning!  I think today is the beginning of a warming trend here in southwestern Idaho.  That is a good thing for me, but maybe not so welcome to the farmers here.  They are on a water ration this year as the snow pack was not up to snuff this winter.  In Idaho it seems they plan ahead, warning the farmers so that they get their crops in early before the water is shut off earlier.  It makes it hard for them of course.  And we are all praying for rain...interspersed with very lovely warm weather of course:)
And today I am feeling more directed.  I have a list for today of all the things I need to accomplish.  And a very long list it is too.  So I am sure to keep busy.  Oh, and yesterday when I was cleaning my little art room, I found a design book I have been hunting for!  I am excited for that because it was recommended by a good teacher, and I want to study it before next semester.  I read the first chapter this morning.  It is really good.
I also think I will start walking.  It is a little counter intuitive I think, but I am also discouraged with losing weight.  And swimming, although fun, does not seem to be doing the trick.  So I think I will take short ten minute walks, maybe three a day.  And see how I do.  I think some of this knee pain might be psychosomatic...scared that it might hurt.  So I will try it and see.  I do like that nice breath of fresh air in the morning!!!  We have such a nice view too.  I will try it.
And I think I have got to do a schedule for drawing.  I keep putting it off for other things, and I never seem to get to it.  It will help to have my little art school starting tomorrow, but I think like anything else I have to schedule a time for it.  I heard an interesting thing on npr yesterday about creative thinking...from a cartoonist.  Linda Barry teaches at the University of Wisconsin.  She said she teaches classes and gives her students a six minute writing assignment.  She felt that even such a short time was good for your creative mind.  It was an interesting interview.  Here's the link. Linda Barry  Towards the end of the interview she said this, "So it's like when you start to think of the arts as not this thing that is going to get you somewhere in terms of becoming an artist or becoming famous or whatever it is that people do, but rather a way of making... being in the world not just bearable, but fascinating, then it starts to get interesting again." I really liked that. And I thought I need to start thinking of art like that again. I think because of school and grades and such, I have lost a little of what art really is for me. So I think I am going to try to capture that again.  Does this make sense?  It does to me.
Well, I had better get on with things.  I really do enjoy just writing.  I always wish I had some way to illustrate things as I write though.  I could make it so much clearer:)  Take care out there in cyberspace! I am pulling for you!!!  We're all in this together!!!!   HAVVVVVVVVGW!!!!!  Melody

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