Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rocking Away!

Today was a successful day.  Not because I did all of the things I need to do, or even the things that I want to do.  But today I got to hold and rock my littlest grandson, Alex.  It seems like I used to rock kids everyday for one reason or another....then they got older.  Lots of years went by without that lovely rocking.  I can remember catching myself rocking without a baby in my arms a time or two, and I would feel so silly.  Then I became a grandma, and the rocking returned....for lots of years.  And then those grandchildren grew older.  Even Alex is almost two and probably won't want grandma rocking him for many more years.  So today, knowing that, I held him close and rocked him until he was satisfied.  He was frightened by the big swimming pool at the YMCA where Liz and her boys and I went this afternoon.  He had never been in a swimming pool before and he screamed and would not be consoled, and Liz was frustrated, wanting to swim and play with her older boys.  So luckily grandma was along, and Alex and I went to the side of the pool, away from the scary water!  I wrapped him in warm, dry towels and rocked him.  At first he hugged me close and would not let go, but then his grip relaxed and he seemed to find some courage.  Then he was off of my lap, exploring the edge of the pool....laughing and looking back at me for encouragement.  For me, I think it was the highlight of the month of May.  It even beat my hard earned A's from school.  Of course Alex will not remember it.  But I will.  And when I am older and stuck in an old folks home, if you happen to come by and see me off in a corner rocking all by myself...you know what I will be thinking of!  All of those hours I spent rocking children and grandchildren!  Some of my best hours by far!!!  HAVVVVGE!!!  Melody

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Brian said...

That's a beautiful account. I'll bet you could make a wonderful children's book out of it.