Sunday, May 5, 2013


Happy Sabbath!  I am feeling quite happy today.  I love Sundays.  And today has been especially nice. I bore my testimony in Church today.  I told a story that I heard at Women's Conference that was especially meaningful to me and that will probably change my thinking for the rest of my life.  I went to a class with Liz about being mild in manner.  The class was so crowded that we had to squeeze into an overflow room, so I didn't ever see the speaker, I just was able to hear her voice.  She told of a son that she had who was born without an eye, and also without much of his brain.  The doctors told her that he wouldn't live long...a few weeks at most...and just to take him home and enjoy him for those few weeks.  So she did.  She said that his missing eye made him have a perpetual wink.  As a family they came to love that little wink.  He couldn't communicate in any normal ways, but his wink made them feel he was smiling with them.  She said his presence filled their home with peace and love.  She spent hours holding this little boy, rocking him and hugging him.  Instead of a few weeks, he lived a little more than seven years!  She said in that time her family grew in love and harmony with this special child's presence in their home.  She said he was never able to do anything, like talk, or walk. But that his presence was enough!  Just his presence brought the Spirit into their home.  He died about a year ago, and she said it is much harder now to feel that special sweetness in their home.  And she talked about how one person's presence can make a difference in another person's life.  And how each of us has a presence that is felt by other people.  That was very powerful to me.  And this morning when I was trying to talk myself out of bearing my testimony:), I thought of that special little boy winking at his family, and that my presence...and testimony might make a difference in someone else's life.
Yep, Women's Conference is powerful!  It was amazing to sit in the Marriott Center with about 20,000 other women and feel the spirit as a prophet of the Lord spoke to us.  Pres. Eyring spoke to us on Friday afternoon.  He spoke about peacemakers.  And also about friendship.  He said that the Lord always provides a friend when we are faced with trials to strengthen us and to help us.  He said that Joseph Smith was given the friendship of John Taylor.  He told of how loyal and true he was to the Prophet when others of the general authorities had turned against him.  It was a beautiful talk.  Here is a quote, "The Lord protects, guides and watches over those who are his trusted friends in his work....He watches over them. He sends help to strengthen and sustain them. I have seen it for myself as you have. The Lord knows both the hearts and the needs of his friends who are on his errands." It made me think how the Savior was sent an angel in the Garden of Gethsemene to strengthen Him when his friends fell asleep.  And of course that brought to mind that gorgeous painting by Carl Bloch of Christ in Gethsemene.
I love the rich colors of this painting.  I did get to go to the Art museum while I was at BYU. I got to stand in front of the Pool at Bethesda painting by Carl Bloch and study the paint and brush strokes again.  I love that painting!  I talked to one of the security guards...(no, I didn't touch the painting, though I was tempted!) a young girl who looked a little bored.  She told me that in November they were going to have another Carl Bloch exhibit, along with two other old masters.  I don't remember now who it was.  But I told Mel we must certainly make time to go!
Well, I guess I have shared a little of the spirit of the Conference.  It really was amazing.  And I had so much fun with Michelle, Kim, and Liz and also sweet Audrey!  We all enjoyed it.  I hope things are wonderful in your corner of cyberspace!  I am still pulling for you!  Take care and keep smiling!  Life is wonderful!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

What a lovely post; I loved the story of the little boy with the wink. I do think that we are watched over my angles from beyond and those special friends that we meet through life. I am certainly grateful for the good friends that I have had through the years. Now I have very unique and fun friends like you on blogs. You add so much to my life
Blessings and hugs!