Sunday, May 26, 2013

Warm Sabbath Wishes

Good merry Sabbath Day!  I am kind of excited this morning.  I found a site for the church that has all of their films.  This is one of my favorites, about the founder of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or the Mormons, or my church:)  Life of Joseph Smith
I love that it states it is true...not partially, or based on a true story.  I love the acting in this film too.  The lady that plays Joseph's mother, spoke at Women's Conference a few years ago.  She was an impressive speaker, and I loved that she took the time afterwards to talk to me and my daughter Kim, who would like to be an actress someday I think.  She talked about the inspiration she received for different roles.  I was glad that someone who portrayed roles in religious movies would have inspiration on how to portray the characters.
Today the choir is singing in church.  We are singing, "Look at the World".  I was able to persuade a few of our younger choir members...ages 8 to 18, to sing the children's parts.  It sounds really good.  I think I learned from this that when a composer as good as John Rutter says that a part should be sung by a certain group (like children) that I should pay attention.  I had kind of fought it, thinking it would be too hard.  But miraculously it just all came together last week.  There were a couple of families with younger children that had come early for other things.  I asked them if they would mind singing with us...the children's part.  They all readily agreed and came up on the stand and practiced with us.  Sometimes I think that I get the help I need to do the best that is possible.  I don't know why I am always surprised by this.  It happens so many times, in so many ways.  I used to notice it constantly in the temple when I worked there.  I know that the Lord wants His work to go forward, and He opens the way that it might.  It is up to us to recognize His hand in our lives, and to do the work that we can do for Him.
I am getting rather excited about my little art class that is forming...mostly for my own grandchildren right now.  Mel and I went and got a sheet of MVF (oops maybe it is MDF...or MVP) board to cut into drawing boards.  It wasn't easy.  We had to go to three different lumber stores before we found the thickness (1/4") that was right.  Home Depot and Lowe's both only had very thick or way too thin.  But our little local lumber yard had the thickness we needed.  I believe it cost twice as much, but it was so nice to find the right size that I didn't mind.  I have a roll of drawing paper from one of my drawing classes, and lots of newsprint also. So I think I am set.  I just need a lesson plan:)  I will probably start with blind contour drawing.  I think the kids will think it is fun, and it is a good practice in observation.  I also want to feature one artist each class time.  I think it was looking at other people's art that first got me interested in art.  Yes, I am kind of having fun planning.
Well, I guess I had better get to the activities of the day.  I hope you have a most joyous and inspired day out in cyberspace today.  How fun to be in cyberspace!  Enjoy it, smile wide, and stay happy and well!  I am pulling for you!  We're all in this together!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I loved that film too. I don't suppose you recorded the choir. I think you should do that sometime. I don't think there is a rule against it.
I think it is awesome that you are going to have an art class for your grandchildren. I suspect you will find a talented grandchild among them. It's a heredity thing.