Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Illustrations!

Hi!  I promised illustrations from our art school.  But first I will have to brag just a little and say, "Wow!  It was really fun and successful."  I had several of my grandkids that attended tell me they will be here every Friday!  And those that weren't my grandkids liked it too.  We did have a great time.  We started with blind contour drawing...which means that you draw something without looking at your paper and without lifting your pen from the paper.  I had them start with their own hand...and then graduate to the person sitting across from them.  They really had fun with this.  Joy and Julie and Jodell also joined in.  After art we designed individual pizzas, and while they cooked in the oven, Joy gave the kids and a few grownups a dance lesson.  That was fun...except I can't jump anymore:(
We came in the house, ate pizza, and then after cleaning up a bit, we all went into the piano area and sang songs, while Jodell played the piano...and Jake did the nose whistle!  It was lots of fun.  We are going to do this every Friday I think for the summer.
When it was over I immediately packed a suitcase and picked up Mel from the shop.  Then we drove lickity split to Twin Falls.  Actually I did the driving while Mel snoozed.  He was pretty tired.  We barely made it in time to see Madeline graduate from Twin Falls High School.  They held the ceremony at CSI in the gym.  I have a few pics of that too.
Anyway, we are home again.  We did stop on the way and visit with our daughter Amy in Glenns Ferry and her sweet family.  So it has been a very good couple of days.  I hope all is well in cyberspace!  Keep smiling...and enjoy the following:)  Melody


Beautiful Madeline

Madeline with both of her grandmas


Michelle and Gary with Madeline and Alyssa
Yes, I am a proud grandma!

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LeAnn said...

What an awesome activity to have with your grandchildren. I loved the drawing; I am still sure you will find a budding artist among them. We just attended our Grandson's graduation. Loved the picture of that too.