Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Too Silly!

Good morning!  Some days are harder to be joyful and positive.  But I will put my best foot forward:)  I woke up too early again.  I think because I took a nap yesterday...and I slept too long!  I woke up at 6 pm when Mel came home from work.  I had thought maybe a half an hour when I laid down at 3.  This sleeping thing is ridiculous!  I hope I can get back on a more normal cycle.  I think I am first thrown by daylight savings.  Then living here, the daylight is quite long right now.  It gets light around 5:30 or 6 and stays light until 10.  Oh well, have I complained enough?
So today is a run around day.  Like a chicken with it's head cut off!  Sorry, I think of that phrase and then the whole 1812 overture starts in my head.  I know you are wondering what crazy thing I am talking about.  So here is the link to the finale of the 1812 overture on youtube.  As you are listening to the music, try to fit the phrase, "Like a chicken with its head cut off!" to the music and you will always be able to remember the 1812 overture...I guarantee it! 1812 overture  It's actually how many music students remember that overture (according to my dad).
I know when I am tired like this I do a lot of associative thinking that is kooky and very silly.  But in a way that is good, because I can laugh at my silliness and cheer up.  I think the main thing I am stressing about today is going to see the dietician.  She is a sweet young woman...maybe 21 or 22.  And I really enjoy visiting with her.  But not today, because I have not been eating well for about the last three weeks.  And I hate to go in and confess that to her.  But it is good I have to answer to somebody for my bad behavior, or I might persist and gain back all of the weight I have struggled to lose.  It is a struggle for me...I am such a good cook!  See?  There it goes again.  I cannot even make oatmeal without too much salt:)
Well, I had better get on with my silly day.  I hope I won't be too silly.  That policeman from Monty Python might show up! Too Silly  Or the Spanish Inquisition!!!! Spanish Inquisition (I confess!!!) Take care and have a very silly day....I know I will!!!  Melody

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