Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Yeah, it's late here!

Good evening!  I know it is late, but I cannot sleep, and I think if I blog for a bit it may make me a little tired.  At least it is worth a try.

My day went extremely well. I was surprised actually, because I woke up so worried about seeing the dietician. But I went anyway, and guess what? I had lost two pounds! Not much in a month I know, but she says I am doing really well, and that this slow descent is much better and longer lasting than a quick weight loss. I told her it is extra hard when I am noticing a sudden weight loss in a few people I know(the lady next door for one). But she said those people will probably be fighting to keep it off, while I am making life long changes that will last. I certainly hope she is right. She is a great positive. It made me want to try harder to do everything right:)  So I went with my sister Joy to lunch, ate within my boundaries, and then we went for a really beautiful walk along the green belt by the Boise River.  I was able to walk a whole mile!  So I am getting better at this.  And I feel encouraged.  Besides, it is good to visit with my sister and solve all of the world's problems in an afternoon's discussion:) was also able to visit the art store in Boise and I found some rolls of newsprint.  So I think I have a plan for Friday's art class.  We will trace around everyone's body and then make a collage of meaningful images on that drawing.  It will be a good exercise in self awareness, and also spatial awareness.  I think we will have 27 kids and 8 adults from what I can figure after calling today.  That will be quite a group.  So I think we will divide them into three groups with 2-3 adults for each, music, and art.  I also got some new sand for the sandbox.  Tomorrow I will get a few more sand toys.  They deteriorate so quickly in the sunshine!  With the sandbox and the wading pool I think we can keep any disinterested toddlers happy.  You would think this would seem like a chore.  But I am having so much fun with this.  It is fun to plan and to prepare.  And the kids are all very excited...from teens to toddlers!  So I think it is a good thing... a nice grandma kind of thing, that I feel like I have been missing in my life with such intense schooling.  And who knows?  Maybe it will be the start of a new career:)!
Well, I don't know if there is much more to tell.  Some how I need to get a handle on this sleep deprivation.  Is there such a thing as late onset insomnia?  I don't remember sleep being so hard in all of my life until the last few years.  I do see my doctor in a couple of weeks.  I will ask her what she suggests.   Melatonin kind of works, but I end up with a headache, and I am tired all day.  Blogging probably helps the most... with everything:)
I hope all is well out in cyberspace.  If you are up reading this, you may need to get help with insomnia too:)  Take care!  Keep smiling!  I am pulling for you!!!  Sweet Dreams!!!ZZZZZZZZZ  Melody

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