Friday, August 30, 2013

Gute Nacht!

Hi!  I thought I would post a few pictures, and then go to bed!  I have almost finished my homework, which was hard!  But I want to be able to enjoy our trip tomorrow, so I have to get it all done before we leave.  Anyway, here's a few photos of Mel's shop that I promised a week or so ago.  It gives you an idea of how much machinery he has to keep running!
I thought it was interesting how Mel had all of the
parts of this machine lined up trying to fix it.

There are five big machines lined up here.

This last picture I had to include.  I went visiting teaching and one of the ladies I visit was putting up pickles!  Lots and lots.  She said she had sixty pounds of cucumbers to pickle!  I am not sure we could eat that many in a year!  Anyway I liked the picture and the idea of all of those pickles!!!!  
Well, I am headed for bed.  Have a good night!!!  Melody

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sunrise, Sunset...Quickly Fly the Years!

Our First Dance as a married couple
 Good evening!  It has been a kinda wonderful and crazy day.  Wonderful because I am loving school, and each one of my classes.  Crazy because it is our anniversary and we have hardly had any time together today.  We had planned to have a special dinner, knowing we both had busy days today.  But Mel had a machine break again and was so tired he just needed to crash here at home.  And I can't deny was nice just to stay home and relax.  I am tired too.  But I guess that is what a happy marriage is all about...flexibility and compromise!  Anyway, I thought I would post some of my favorite photos from 43 years ago.  It really doesn't seem like it could possibly be that long ago.  But when I look in the mirror, I realize it must be!
School was wonderful.  I love my graphic design class.  We are studying the history of typography at present, and I find it fascinating.  I have always loved the printed word, and now I am learning about the artistic side of it.  It is really fascinating.  I have to design my first design with letters....20 thumbnails by Tuesday morning.  I hope I can get that done tomorrow.
In my drawing class I learned so much today.  My teacher took classes from some good teachers himself, and he knows so much.  I learned a lot today about drawing the human form in a more accurate and simple way.  I will have to practice a lot to get it down, but I think it will really help.  I love when teachers demo, and then have you try it too.  Today he spent a couple of hours showing us the method he uses to draw.  And giving us pointers of how to proceed when we do it too.  I think it will help to improve my perspective and accuracy.  It feels like I can draw, more like I want to draw again.  I have had a bit of a block I afraid I will not do it right or something.  Anyway, I can feel my confidence returning, and my desire to accomplish beautiful things.
Well, I had a bit of a break....Mel is helping our neighbor.  He is borrowing our trailer.  They have a family reunion this weekend and needed a little extra space.  Anyway, I hope you have a most lovely evening.  Take care!!!  Melody

Really Old!!!!!!!!

Good morning!  I am feeling so bright and cheery today.  It is our anniversary....43 years!!!  I told Taylor yesterday we will have been married 43 years, and he said, "Wow, you are really old!" He's good at stating the obvious!!!  We are celebrating this weekend, but tonight, after school and work, we will meet for dinner at the Cottonwood Grill.  I will be sure to take a photo or two.  But for now, I must away!  School begins early, and I have to go with the morning commute, which is often slow.  Take care out there and have a most wonderful day!!!!  I'm pulling for you!  Melody

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just Chillin'

Hola!  My second day of school came off without a hitch:)  I only have one class on Wednesday....Illustration.  It was fun to see all of my young cronies...I would say old, but even the teacher is younger than me:)  At any rate it was a good class.  I am beginning to feel like maybe I can do things...even very hard things.  So that is better.
I have Taylor over right now.  He has stolen my iphone to play Angry Birds.  I guess I should get a Wii or something for the kids to least when I am too tired to be an entertainer.  If I got the sports version I could ski jump.  I really like that app:)
So I am sorry I have nothing too noteworthy to report on today.  I mostly am tired.  I haven't slept well for a few days now.  I tried to take a power nap, but I only slept about 3 minutes before Max woke me up.  Sigh!  I guess sleep is just something I will have to learn to live with less.  It seems like most mornings about 2 am I wake up and feel like it is time to get up.  I know it isn't, but it takes me an hour or more to fall back asleep.  Yes, I am definitely complaining.
I am smiling...I can hear Taylor playing with the voice recorder on my phone.  He is singing!  He is lots of fun, and great company at ten years old.  He is missing his little brother, Gabe, who has gone to live with his father this year (they have different dads).  So I think he enjoys visiting Grandma, who lets him  play with her iphone:)
Well, I hope all is happy and well today in cyberspace today.  Take care and remember I'm still pulling for you!!!!  And HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Winding Down from a Busy Day!

Hola!  I made it!  I got all of the classes I wanted, and I made it through the day today....I was wrong.  My evening class on Tuesdays goes from 5 to 7:30!  But I did fine.  It is a small class and I really like the teacher.  It is called BFA Exhibition class.  We get to learn all about galleries and how to exhibit our work, and then we have an actual exhibit.  We learn to do gallery proposals, artist statements, advertising for our event and all kinds of practical stuff.  I don't know if I will ever need this again, but it is fun and interesting.
The other two classes I had today were graphic design and Human presence drawing.  I am excited for them both now that I have gone to the first day.  My graphic design teacher is about my age...maybe a tad younger.  He seems to really know his stuff.  He worked as a graphic designer for 20 years before going back for his master's degree.  We will be studying typography and using Illustrator alot.  So I think I will learn stuff I need to know.  Then in my drawing class I remembered why I love this teacher so much!!!  He is really an artist!  He is so conscious of real human other teacher was OK, but he really emphasized that it would not be a class about anatomy.  This teacher is the opposite, and I am grateful.  I think I will learn so much more about drawing the human form.  He already gave us all kinds of apps to help...most of them free.  I am super excited.  I just hope I can keep up with the work load.  We shall see.
Tomorrow I only have one class...illustration.  And it will be all about producing the work for my exhibition for the exhibition class.  I am most nervous about this, but I think I will just do my best and let the chips fall where they may (where did that saying originate?).  I have a list I have been adding ideas to for the last few days, trying to come up with a good subject matter.  It is difficult to come up with an idea I think I can do.
Well, I had better get things ordered and then head for bed.  It has been a most lovely, tiring day.  I am wishing you lots of good wishes this evening.  Enjoy cyberspace!  Sweet Dreams!!!  Melody

School Bells are Ringing!

Good morning!  Here I go!  I am excited for today's classes!  And I found out I am number one and two on the waiting lists I am I will probably get the classes I want!!!!!  I have classes from 9 to 7!  Tuesday is the only day I have the evening class.  It will be a long day.  But I think I can do this....I hope so anyway!  I'd better get going.  I hope all is well in cyberspace!!!!  HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Monday, August 26, 2013


Good day!  I am sitting here in my little studio aka spare bedroom thinking about what I will do for my BFA exhibition.  I have a questionnaire about it that is due tomorrow...the first day of classes.  The question that has me stumped is..."What is your initial vision of your BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) exhibition?"  And honestly I am not sure.  I wish I had someone to bounce this off of, that had some experience in the art world.  My inclination is to joke about it..."Amazing and incredible artwork" or some such flippant answer.  But this is serious.  And I am afraid I just cannot feel too serious about it.  Sigh!!!!  But if that is my worst problem today, I will just be grateful.  I do tend to get too weird about stuff for school.  I can do this!!!
The other thing I am concentrating on today is being ready for classes tomorrow.  I plan to be prepared for any eventuality.  See?  I just get so that I am way too analytical.  I will be glad when I am really in class and I have someone else to listen to besides this taskmaster's voice in my head!  Fretting is such a worthless way to think!!!!!
I am going to try to enjoy the day.  I have things pretty organized around here.  I think I will finish up my visiting teaching for one thing.  And then I am not sure.
So here's wishing the world of cyberspace a very happy day!  Take care and HAVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Pictorial Blog

Good afternoon!  I am enjoying Sunday.  It is nice to be calm and at peace with the world!  I feel like my prayers are being answered in so many ways!
So I promised a few pictures and videos...sorry I am slow with this.  Yeah, I need to figure out how to do this without the aid of my computer.  I will have to get one of my kids to show me how.  In the meantime...Here goes.  I reviewed the video of the kittens...not worth watching.  I am not sure this other video of me at McCall is worth watching either...but you get what you pay for:)  I hope your Sabbath is happy and peaceful in cyberspace today.  I'm still pulling for you!!!  HAVVVVVVVGW!!!  Melody
One more sunset...before the smoke got so bad
A Calm Moment

Taylor Before his haircut
Taylor after his haircut

Yeah, I am awake in the wee small hours of the morning!

Good morning!  I am up a little early...planning on going back to bed after I get a little tired.   I guess I have stuff on my brain...silly stuff...and it won't let me sleep.  I had a good the house clean for Sunday, rearranged furniture, caught all of the laundry up, did the shopping, and took a couple of trips with Mel to D&B Supply store.  He was working on broken sprinklers:)  But the trips were fun.  The first time we bought a large Blimpie sandwich and brought it home with us.  The second time we stopped at the frozen yogurt place.  I love frozen yogurt!!!  Especially the really tart stuff.  And I usually can keep it fairly healthy by sticking to fruit toppings.  Yummy!  We had six sprinklers that were not on the timers anymore.  Mel fixed four of them, mowed all of the lawns, and generally cleaned up the yard and gardens.  It's a big job!  He also worked on a design for a mold.  I admire his ability to work hard.  He was raised to work hard.  I guess the farm depended on everyone doing their share.
Being a city girl I guess had its advantages.  There were no cows mooing at us, or chickens clucking for attention.  The crops didn't dry out, or get too much rain. We didn't have to hoe beets, or plow fields.  In fact I think the only work I had was housework.  Even in high school my folks wouldn't let me get a job.  They wanted me to keep my grades up to get a scholarship...which I did...a very small one.  But I suppose it helped.  I did work in college...for a dollar an hour.  I ironed clothes for a lady, and I worked in food services at the college.  For a while I even got to work up in the Skyroom, which was BYU's version of a fancy restaurant.  I made sandwiches.  It was fun.  I can still make the best BLT around!  Funny, huh?  I think I had a pretty cushy upbringing.  My parents adored each other, so no fighting in our house!  Except between my older brother and me.  I think I was a bit of a pest, and he was certainly a tease.  But we had a lot of love between us despite that.  I remember life being pretty ideal.  I didn't know that families could have unhappiness.  I guess I was rather sheltered.  And I continue to be.  I have a husband who loves me and vice versa.  We don't fight...period.  We disagree occasionally, but nothing too serious.  I feel quite spoiled.  And sad to know that our marriage is more the exception than the rule.
I don't know where I am going with this:) I guess I am just feeling very grateful.
So.....the wind is blowing outside.  The sunset was weird....there is so much smoke that the sun was just a red ball in the sky.  We have so much smoke!  I guess there are a bunch more fires from the thunderstorms that have passed through here in the last couple of days....I heard 13, but that may be wrong.  I am sad to hear Yosemite is on fire....200 square miles burned so far.  I think it is odd that the West side of the US is so dry and the east side is so wet.  Seems like we need to share a little:)  I hate to see the forests burning!
It kind of makes me sad how quickly all of those beautiful trees go up in fire and smoke!
Anyway, we sat outside watching the sunset...what there was of it.  And Mel was brushing Max, who is shedding terribly at the moment.  The funny part was that the kitten kept attacking Max's wagging tail.  I took a short video on my iphone, but I will have to save it for tomorrow.  I didn't want to wake Mel finding it.  The kittens are so cute right now.  They have constant strategic battles.  They kind of hide from each other and then run at each other and meet somewhere off of the ground...biting and scratching and seemingly tearing each other apart.  But then after a few seconds they break off and start all over again.  They seem to enjoy it.  They are pretty funny, and fun to watch!  They chase each other up our red bud tree and they go so fast!  I kind of envy their mobility.
Well, I guess I had better try to sleep....the morning is fast approaching.  I am yawning, so that is a good sign.  Sorry for this silly post, but it really does help to write.  Maybe it orders things in my brain or something.  It kind of feels like it.  I hope you are sound asleep out there in cyberspace....snoring away. And I hope I soon will be.  Take care and HAVVVVVVVVgreat Sunday!!!  And keep smiling!!!  I am...really:)  Melody

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday is a Special Day!

Good morning!  It's Saturday, and that means....not much anymore.  It used to mean making sure everyone was ready for church on Sunday....clean clothes mostly, but also hair washed, shoes polished, talks practiced, etc.  I guess I miss that a little.  But not a whole lot.  I like that there is no rush on Saturdays for the most part.  It is really the only day to truly sleep in.  But for some reason I am up and wide awake.  Mel is actually still sleeping.  He has been pushing so hard that I came in here so I wouldn't wake him.  It is hard to be the guy in charge, although I guess he is living his dream.  Just not quite the way he pictured it.  I think he thought everything would always run smoothly.  This week he has had two machines break down, and crashed a mold.  The machines are old (and paid for:), and they mostly run well.  But like all things old, they need a little coaxing and tender care to stay in good condition.  And yes, that is a reference to people as well:)  Anyway, it has been a busy, hard week for him.  He has the machines fixed, and he is working on fixing the mold.  And he did hire another worker, so that will help keep things going.  Right now they are very busy, and I hope they continue to be.  It is good after the slow economy to see things picking up.  And I guess it is ironic that he is so busy, and I am generally searching for things to keep me busy.  I will be glad when school starts up again on Tuesday, then I won't be searching for things to keep me busy.  Instead I will be scrambling to keep up!
Next Saturday we are going on a plane ride to Portland, and then we've rented a car to drive down to my dad's.  My dad is planning to come again, and he likes having his car.  So we will drive back here with him.  Just a very quick trip, but a fun one.  I love Oregon, and I am hoping to drive along the coast for a little bit.  It is so beautiful!
Well, I haven't much to report.  I hope all is well in cyberspace today!  Take care and have a most wonderful day!!!!  Melody

Friday, August 23, 2013

Carpe Diem

Good evening!  It is a great day today...I got everything done I had wanted to do and it isn't dark yet!!!  Of course it helps that I started at 4 this morning:)  I couldn't sleep, so I got up and worked some more on my classes that begin next week.  I have all of my homework done for the class that has already assigned homework.  And I have added back a life drawing class.  I have struggled with this, because I really wish the models would wear something!  But the teacher teaching this class is so fantastic, that I really think I will learn a lot about drawing better.  It's a hard class, and I already took it from a different teacher last year...blah, blah, blah!!!  This goes around in my head like a prickly caterpillar all night long.  So I signed up for it again.  I am number three on the waiting list, so I may get in.   I think I hope so:)  I know I will sleep better when this is all resolved next week.  The other class I am waiting on I think I will get in, since I am number 1 on the waiting list.  That is a beginning graphic design class.  I know I have already written about all of this, but it helps my brain a little to write about it one more time!!!  So thanks for listening:)
This morning I spent at Mel's business, interviewing a new accountant/bookkeeper.  She is really smart, and presented herself very well.  I really liked her.  She starts on Friday...yay!!!  I won't have to struggle with this anymore.  I am definitely not an accountant!  I think she will save us tons of money just getting everything filed in a timely manner for all of the agencies of the local, state and federal government who want our money.  It is the part of business I really dislike.  So I am thrilled to hand it over to somebody else.
I had lunch with Mel.  Then I spent the afternoon with Liz and her family getting Taylor to the "meet your teacher" day at his new school.  He was nervous, but very happy.  I think he will do well.  It is hard to believe school starts next week.  I am not sure I am ready for this.  But on the other hand I need to be back in school.  And I think it will be a fantastic semester....I hope, I hope, I hope!!!
Can you tell I am a little tired?  I think that 4 am wake time is catching up with me.  I tend to get a little silly.  So I hope your adventures in cyberspace are memorable and fun!  Take care and have a most lovely evening!!!  I'm still pulling for you!  HAVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Squash Fever

Good day!  I hope it is today!  I am feeling a little allergic.  I went out into the garden yesterday and ended up with itchy, watery eyes.  So I have been loading up on antihistamines, which are helping some.  I must have gotten into something I am seriously allergic to, like a weird weed or something.  Or I could be allergic to squash leaves.  I just don't know.  I do know that there are a lot of allergens in the air just now, and also smoke from all of the fires, so hopefully it will pass quickly.  Julie had the same symptoms as me after our jaunt into the garden.  Like mother like daughter:)
I think I have solved my problems for classes.  I registered for a graphic design class and I am number one on the wait list.  So hopefully I can get in there.  I would like to learn a little about computer it might be fun.
Well, not much more to report.  Life seems to fly on by.  Hope all is well in cyberspace!!!  HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Over and Under and Then Up for Air!

Hola!!!  This morning I am feeling....a little challenged by quite a lot!  Maybe a better word is overwhelmed.  Yesterday I received an email from a teacher giving a rather daunting homework assignment...and school doesn't start til next week!  It is for my Senior Exhibition in art exhibition for senior class members.  I am supposed to read two books (small) and come up with the direction I want for my project.  It is supposed to reflect what we want to do with our work, as part of our portfolio that we present to future employers.  And I am baffled.  I think I have to go in the direction of children's book illustrator.  And I think I would like to do a narrative scene....meaning a scene that tells a story...but not all the way.  One that leaves you wondering what happens next.  The problem is narrowing it down to one thing that is interesting...and appropriate.  So I have got my thinking cap on.  So far I have come up with a few images, but nothing too great yet.  I really want this to be outstanding.  And so it is a little scary.
The other thing that is overwhelming me just a bit is all of the vegetables and fruits I need to preserve somehow.  I did read that you can freeze summer squash....thank heaven for that!!!  I love squash, but we have wheel barrows size as well as quantity!  The main problem is that my knees get so sore trying to traverse this huge long row of garden.  This morning I picked cucumbers and squash.  I should still be out there picking peaches and corn.  But I couldn't stand up much longer.  It is just a bit discouraging.  I think I will get some help later though.  Julie and Kim are planning to come and get their share of the bounty.  And I did pick some large squashes that I left sitting out there that the kids will have fun bringing in.  They might make a yummy stuffed squash.  I found a really good recipe...sausage and bread crumbs and tomatoes all stuffed and baked under cheese.  It was really delicious!  And of course there is always soup and bread and pickles and .....?  I have a list.
Then I guess I am feeling like I need to really decide on my classes.  I am in kind of a waiting list limbo at present.  And I feel like I need to make a decision.  I have had both of these classes already...and they were very hard and time consuming.  If I leave my schedule the way it is right now it will be hard  Do I stay in the theater arts class Kim says is a real bear and has nothing to do with my major?  Or do I take a drawing class that is equally hard?  Or do I find an online easy peasy class that I will probably have a hard time following through with?  There must be another course.  I just haven't found it yet.  I will solve this dilemna one way or another!
Well, sorry to have chewed off your figurative ear.  I hope all is well in cyberspace today....and fun!  Enjoy it while the sun shines!!!!  And HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!  Melody
P.S. Here is a link for today's title:)  By the Sea

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Good morning!  I am up and dressed...ready to face any challenge!  Ha!  I probably shouldn't say that out loud!!!
Today is immunization day for Taylor.  Apparently he has some boosters or something.  We shall see.  They recently moved into a larger apartment and switched schools.  So he has to prove he is all caught up on shots.  Nampa school district is suffering though.  Somehow, they came up $5 million dollars short last year.  Something about double entries of federal funds.  At any rate our friend and former bishop resigned as the school superintendent.  All of the administration has been replaced.  It was a terrible thing.  And now the schools are all having to cut back in major ways.  I know paper and copies and all of the little things you come to expect are not available for students.  Parents have had to step up, and generous people in the community.  Oh well.  Mistakes happen, and the wrong people often take the fall.  It is all about going forward and making the best of things.  And having faith that whatever happens, the Lord is there to help and comfort.
So I woke up super early after going to bed super late.  Mel worked until almost midnight, so I waited up for him.  Then about 5 or so I woke up worried about how I am going to do my senior project.  I had some great ideas of subject matter.  Here are a legacy...something to do with ancestors; prayer as a conduit to heaven; life vistas...old versus young; mental illness vs. healthy minds; oh, and I got a cool idea from a friend of mine on facebook.  He had a photo of himself with a cute poem.  Here is the photo...and the poem he wrote to go with it.  His name is Will.  He was very good friends with a couple of my daughters.
In the dill
On a hill
With a drill
What a thrill!"
It made me think I could take a lot of different names and do silly nonsense kind of poetry for a very fun children's book.  Maybe even a name for each letter.  At any rate I am beginning to get a few ideas for my next career of writing and illustrating children's books.  I hope I really can do that someday in the not too far distant future.  In the meantime, I will keep trying to come up with some interesting theme for my senior project.
Well, I best get moving.  I am already running late!  I hope you have a most wunderbarer Tag!  Und eine unglaubliche Reise!!!  Take care and have fun and remember I am pulling for you!  Melody

Monday, August 19, 2013


Good morning!  The sun is rising and it looks to be a gorgeous day....a little smokey, but clear skies and hot.  I would say warm, but hot is more accurate.  We are still having temps above 90.  It really makes me want to take a trip to cooler places!  I imagine those firefighters up near Sun Valley are wishing for cooler weather too.  The fire up there is still out of control and heading for big, gorgeous homes.  I hope they can get it under control.
I saw this picture on the news last night.  This was taken just yesterday. I guess there are more than 100,000 acres in flames.  So sad!  I love this area of Idaho, and hate to see it burning.
In happier news...I found out yesterday that my nephew, Nigel, and his wife are being sealed in the Provo temple in September.  I hope we can go.  He is such a sweet young man, and I love his wife too.  It is good to know they are making such wonderful choices.  Families really can be forever!
I have been thinking this morning about how I have one week left before school starts again.  I am excited, but nervous.  I guess I am excited because I love to learn, and nervous because I know how hard it gets.  And I have an exhibition of art work that I will have to submit work in by November.  I have a committee of two of my teachers to critique and help me get this ready.  But I am very worried because it is a big deal at school.  I guess I will have to take each day one at a time and do my best.  I can do this:)
I do want to get things organized in my studio, so that will be today's effort.  It is basically organized, but I have lots of clutter in here.  I can't seem to find enough room for it all.  So I guess I will start a burn pile:)   I will be careful though.  I wouldn't want to burn a masterpiece:)
So here's hoping all is well and happy out in cyberspace today.  Take care and keep on keeping on!  And HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGreatWan!!!!!!  Melody

Sunday, August 18, 2013


Happy Sabbath!  I am enjoying this peace filled day.  Church was great, as usual.  We had good speakers, and it is always good to see friends.  And I look at families in a different way than I used to.  Instead of looking around and thinking, "Wow, that family has it all together!" unrealistic assessment I realize looking back....I think, "Wow, there is a family struggling hard to get it all together."  I have a great deal more empathy than I ever thought possible!
After church I came home and sat out on our patio for lunch.  Mel had to stay for another meeting.  Usually I feel like I don't like being here alone.  But today I decided to try to live in the enjoy whatever life had to offer.  And to my delight, today it was hummingbirds....lots of them!  I am not sure why there is so much of an increase in activity around our little hummingbird feeder, but the visitation rate has increased from one or two every few hours, to a constant stream.  They are so cute!
This is what they look like!
And they seemed to come down to my level as if to talk, and then they would chirp at me.  It was so fun!  And with the breeze and shade, it felt very relaxed and peaceful.  I am grateful for one more tender mercy!  I really needed that today!  It made me realize how I am watched over and loved by my Heavenly Father, especially since my own earthly father is far away in Oregon right now.
I am so grateful for the many ways that my life is blessed.  It makes me think I need to work harder to bless other people's lives.
Oh, something I wanted to share!  It is called...Adobe Kuler.  It is a free iphone app.  And it is amazing!!!!  Here is a link to tell you about it.  Kuler  It is a cool app for finding color can take a photo, or just look at a room or scene or painting, and it will give you different color palettes.  I am excited to try this in my paintings, and especially in school.  I have a hard time figuring out colors sometimes....maybe all the time.  I think this will be a useful tool!  I guess it is in photoshop or illustrator too.  But it's not in the version I's only a C3 version.  Or if it is I haven't found it.
Well, I guess that is all.  I hope your Sabbath day is peaceful and happy.  Take care out there in cyberspace!  I am still pulling for you!!!!  Keep the faith!!!!  And have a most wonderful evening!!!!  Melody

Saturday, August 17, 2013


I am having another slow morning.  I know this won't last much longer, so I am enjoying it while I can.  I have spent quite a bit of time on the computer tweaking my class schedule.  There are two drawing classes I would love to get into, but I am only on a wait list...#3 on one and #4 on the other.  I love this particular teacher!  I learn so much from him.  So I will have to see what happens.  I may get into one or both, and then I would have to drop a class or two that I am already in.  It gets complicated.  But I think I have things in order now.  The hard thing is wondering if I can do all of the work.  I always start out optimistic, and then reality sets in and I have to work so hard to keep up with the young people in my classes.  So far I have managed though.  So I guess I can do it one more time!!!
It is weird to think this may be my last semester.  I am seriously considering a master's degree:)  That would probably require some scrambling to apply for a scholarship or fellowship or whatever.  I don't know if senior citizen discounts would come into play.  I'll have to ask around.
Well, I have lots to do to get things in order around here.  I guess I have been saying that all summer.  But it is still true.  I have made some headway though, so that is good.  I think it is a long journey though to tackle the simplification of many years of accumulation.  But I can do this!!!  I hope life is fun and happy in cyberspace today.  I am definitely still pulling for you!!!  We're all in this together!  HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Friday, August 16, 2013

Yosemite on my mind...and in my heart!!!

Good morning!  Today is Friday and I am going shopping!  I haven't done a real shopping for a know where you go through everything in the fridge and pantry and see what you're missing.  I thought I had better do this before school begins again.  Things are already speeding up.
So far I have cleaned out the fridge...almost.  It was getting hard, so I am taking a break.  I guess what is hard about it, is throwing away perfectly good food....except that it has gone bad...from lack of eating.  I still buy too much for Mel and I.  And I defend that by saying that I just never know when someone will drop kids and grandkids.  But that really isn't true.  I usually do know, and even when I don't I can always make cookies:)  So I have got to trim down the shopping list and only buy what we can eat in a week or two.  Except for staples and food storage, which don't require refrigeration.  Are you bored to tears yet?  Sorry, this is relevant to me today.  Yesterday was bills.  But I know you really would not want to read about how I paid the power bill or the cell phone bill:)
I guess the other thing on my mind today!  I keep thinking there is no time left!  So I may steal Mel away camping or something.  Well, not real camping.  Just the trailer type of camping.  We'll see.  I guess when I think about it in a more pragmatic way I talk myself out of it.  There is so much to do around here on the weekends.  But I can dream...and take fake photos of me in Yosemite!
Ha, ha!  I love this feature of photo booth!!!!  I wish I could be in Yosemite for a while.  I love it there!
I have been receiving regular emails from our two missionaries.  Bobby is happy in the Dominican Republic at the MTC.  I am not sure how long before he will be in Puerto Rico.  But I did notice that the hurricanes are starting to form from watching the news last night.  And it looks like they are headed towards Puerto Rico in the next couple of days.  I hadn't really thought of that aspect.  Clara sent a sweet email from the MTC in Argentina.  She sounded very tired, and a little overwhelmed.  But she also sounded so happy to be on her mission finally.  I think it is so marvelous to hear from these two wonderful young people.  I am grateful for family missionaries!
Well, I had better get back to the fridge and my shopping expedition.  I hope all is bright and cheery in cyberspace today!  I'm pulling for you!  We're all in this together!  HAVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!  Melody

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Speeding on By!

Guten morgen!  I am feeling chipper today!  I guess it is nice to take things slow in the morning.  And also I am feeling very good about life.  Things have a way of working out, even when you think they may not.  I also think I like saving money.  And this morning I saved over $3000...just by being old.  That is how much more I would have to pay for school if I wasn't 60 or older.  Honestly, besides medicare it is the best thing going for older citizens:)
This morning I have a hair appointment.  I have been toying with the idea of something extreme:)  You know...short and red...not blue and sticking up.  I probably will go with the same old thing though.  I am not that never knows!
Yesterday I persuaded Taylor to get a haircut.  I will post pictures later.  Right now I have to get speeding.  Here I go!  I hope your day is wonderful!!!  Melody

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Well Wishes

Yay!  I am a student!  I just successfully registered for classes.  It took about one minute.  Remember the long lines to register for classes at BYU?  They were awful!  I am grateful for the internet...once again!
Well, I have lots to accomplish today.  Just a wish going out to the world for a brighter, happier day for all people.  Take care!  And HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGreat Wan!!!!!  Melody

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Registration Frustration

Good day to you!  I have been online now for quite a while....trying to figure out a schedule for school.  I finally get to register tomorrow morning!  Unfortunately all of the classes I was hoping to take are full.  Luckily I have permission numbers to get into the two classes I really have to have to graduate.  And the art metals class I had hoped to take is still open.  So that leaves three credits to fill so that I can qualify as a full time student.  I get student health insurance if I am a full time student.  It saves us lots of money!!!  So I have been searching for something I can fill that three credits with, and I have come up with a class in theater analysis.  Right up my alley I think.  So hopefully the class won't close before tomorrow morning.  It took me an hour to find it.  Everything in art is closed or I have already taken it a couple of times.  I tried business communication, psychology, music and economics too.  But either the classes are at impossible times or I don't have the necessary prerequisites.  This is all due to the fact that I qualify for senior citizen discounts....and the school has shuffled us seniors to the back of the line so that younger students who pay a full fee get first pick.  It didn't start this way.  I used to be first in line.  But I guess the school is tightening its belt, and I happen to be in a category near the tightening.  I was a little frustrated with this at first.  I even considered paying a full fee so that I could register earlier.  But my counselor and several teachers told me to hang in there.  And I think it will work.  I hope so!
On a sad note....I got an email informing me that I didn't get the James Taylor tickets I was hoping for.  It really did make me sad for a few minutes.  But it is fine.  I have heard him many times...just not with the tabernacle choir.  That really will be fun I think.
I probably should get on with things.  I am still in my nightgown!:)  And I have a meeting with Mel and a medicare insurance salesman in a short while.  So here I go!  Take care out in cyberspace!  I am still pulling for you and hoping all goes well today!!!  HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Monday, August 12, 2013

More Spiders - Found and Conquered!

Happy Family Night the world around!  I just killed three big, fat black widows that were hanging around on my porch.  Such images come to mind!  But they were the spider variety.
And even though they were scary, I am much larger...and scarier I suppose.  I sprayed them well with insecticide, then squooshed them with a paper napkin, then flushed them down the toilet.  I don't think I will see them again, except perhaps in my dreams:)
So I had a good day.  I got one sister visited.  She wasn't doing very well, so I will visit her again soon to see if things have improved.  Everyone else wasn't in town today.  So we will try again in a week or so.  After visiting I took Mel some lunch, which turned out to be not very good.  I tried this barbecue place, and it really is not great.  Anyway, I then drove to take Kim the birthday card I forgot to give her yesterday on her birthday.  I am getting a bit more forgetful I think.  Michelle's birthday is today and I didn't get her card mailed.  So I guess my phone call and facebook message will have to do til the card arrives.
Remember I said I would solve the world's problems?  Well, I visited with my sister, Joy, and I think we almost have them solved.  I will have to visit with my other sister to get things finalized.  But she is getting her daughter off to Uruguay this week.  I think her plane leaves for Argentina Wednesday where she will go to the MTC for a few weeks to help learn the language.  I hope it all goes well.
I guess I had better get a little something ready for dinner since Mel had such a lousy lunch.  He's working late again.  Poor guy!  He seems to be up early and working long hours these days!!!
The trouble is, so am I....not up exactly, but awake.  I have got to sleep more somehow!  Six hours of sleep doesn't work well with me.  I am not complaining....just stating facts.  Sigh!  Oh well, I hope all is well and fine in cyberspace this evening!  I'm pulling for you!!!!! HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGFHE!!!!

Monday....a new week!

Good morning world!  I am up and ready to face a new day!  Yay!  So on my list for today....clean up from yesterday:)  And....clean some more.  It goes back to the law of entropy I suppose.  Things just naturally go to disintegration...or something like that.
Anyway, I am hoping to get visiting teaching done too.  And solve the world's problems.  So I'd better get started.  HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!  Melody

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday Evening

Hola!  It's been a busy day today.  First, church seems early now.  We start at big deal I know.  But it seemed early today for some reason. Maybe because Mel has to be to a bishopric meeting by 6:30:)  He tries to not wake me up, so I try to stay asleep....:)  Anyway, I slept in and then I was rushing to get there on time.  I guess I got spoiled with church starting at 2.  It was a great meeting though.  We had a couple of great speakers, and then a young man who is leaving on his mission this week...Roger Pollard.  He is going to Phoenix on a Spanish speaking mission.  He is a little bit of a famous young man to my grandkids.  They love his  youtube song...Cheesy pop song.  Here's the link.Cheesy pop song.  He's the one in green.  His hair is shorter now:)  He's a convert and a really neat kid.  He gave a great talk!  I think he will be a great missionary.  I love that there are so many missionaries going out.  It seems like there is a farewell most every week.
Anyway, after church we had a small party for my daughter Kim.  Here's a video and a couple of pictures.  We had fun.  We watched home movies of the grandkids. They liked that.  And I found one of the tree that fell on my car.  And one of the Oregon coast, and Half Moon Bay, and .... it went on and on.  I think I will have to figure out how to get these digitized.  I took them on a video camera that was made before the digital the olden days!   Maybe Costco can help.  They can do a lot of amazing things.  If not I will try our camera store.
Well, I hope all is well in cyberspace this evening!  And that Sunday has been a wonderful day for you!  HAVVVVVGE!!!  Melody

Ellen wishing her mom a happy birthday!!!!

Yeah, I couldn't find matches again!  Thus the large lighter!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hunter and Oreo

Hola!   It's a beautiful day here in my 100 acre desert.  The sun is bright and telling me to get going.  So I am.  But first....I had to share this fun photo of my grandson, Hunter.  He is an animal lover.  And he loves my new kittens.  But, as you can tell from this photo, Oreo is not so sure she wants so much love!
It makes me laugh inside just a little.  I think how easy it is as a grandma to do this to my kids and grandkids.  Sometimes they just need a little space.  And sometimes they need the love.  Figuring it all out takes time and patience.  I am learning, slowly:)
And maybe someday I will have it all figured out.  In the meantime, I am doing my best.
We had dinner with some new friends last the Cottonwood Grill, which as you know by now is my favorite place in Boise.  It was fun to sit outside by the river and talk and get to know each other a little better.  I really like it there!
Well, I had better get on with my day.  I think Mel is hoping I will help with the work around here!  Take care and have a most wonderful day!!!!  I'm still pulling for you!!!!!  And smiling!!!!!  Melody

Friday, August 9, 2013

Dreaming of cooler temps!

Good morning!  Cooler temperatures might be nice about now.  I am getting a little tired of the hot.  Yesterday I picked up my sister Joy and we went and sat in the river:)  Well, not all the way.  We brought chairs and put them in the water so that we could sit and soak our feet.  We sat under a bridge to get shade.  It was great.  We were sitting there talking when a man....a complete stranger...came down to talk with us.  He pretty much told us his life story.  I felt a little like Steinbeck in Travels with Charlie...minus the poodle....and the liquor.  I really did wish I had a tape recorder though.  His story was really interesting because of his language.  I kept thinking that I would surely remember this phrase or that phrase, but really it was so peppered with cussing that it is probably better that I can't.  He was missing a lot of teeth.  He really reminded me of the miners that used to come by my grandpa's cabin and chew your ear off.  Lonely men stuck up in the mountains.  This man also seemed a little lonely.  He did talk about his wife though, so maybe not completely alone.  He talked a lot about his son and all the troubles he was having with his ex-wife and kids.  I guess that is the normal rhythm of things, to worry about your children and their children after they have flown the coop.  It was an interesting afternoon.
Last night Mel and I found a Saturday Night Live series on netflix from the 70's.  We picked the second episode to watch.  It was very entertaining.  Neil  Paul Simon (oops!) was the host.  And he really put on a concert.  He even sang a few songs with Art Garfunkel. There was only a small sketch by Chevy Chase...fairly tasteful.  Everyone looked so young!  I was surprised at the absence of silly skits and crude jokes.  It was a fun way to end the evening.
Well, I guess I will get on with today.  I hope all is happy and well in cyberspace today.  I am pulling for you!!!!  HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Positive Thinking

Good morning!  I am feeling very blessed today.  I still haven't gotten an email to tell me that I didn't get those James Taylor tickets!  So I am figuring that I did get them and they are traveling to me quickly in the mail!  I hope that is really true.  I have been reading an interesting book about writing about things you hope for as if they have already happened.  I like the concept of positive thinking.  But I must admit I kind of stink at it.  I am trying to do better.  So here goes.
The weather is gorgeous on this lovely island in Hawaii where we are vacationing for the month of October (gotta give it some time!).  Mel received a lovely bonus from his multi-millionaire customer that just released a project they have been working on for the last 5 years (that is not an exaggeration-the time spent...not the bonus).  And so we thought we would do a little traveling.  We love Hawaii and have never spent much time on Kauai, so we are spending our first month here.  Then we are off to Italy where we are scheduled to spend some time in Rome and Venice, and of course, Florence.  I am so excited that we will be picking up a new Mercedes there:)  We will use it to tour the rest of Europe.  I have always wanted to spend some time in the south of France, so we will probably spend a week or more there.  Then on to Belgium and Germany.  (Just writing these names is fun!)  Perhaps we will wander on over to England and the lake country.  I remember studying the lake country in my literature classes.  Then we will have to hurry on back to our newly redecorated home for Christmas to spend time with the kids and grandkids there.  I expect them all to be there.  It will be a lovely Christmas. And I guess that last couple of sentences is what really matters to me.  I guess having everyone home for Christmas would make the rest of the paragraph seem as frivolous and silly as it is.
So much for positive thinking.  I had better get on with things around here.  I hope all is well and great in cyberspace today!!!  Take care!  And HAVVVVVVVVVGRRRRRRREAT Wan!!!!  Melody

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Did I ever tell about my friend, Jennie?  She was a hair dresser....very talkative.   One day she was giving a guy a haircut and asked if she could trim his eyebrows.  He said sure.  She started talking....and shaved one right off!!!!  I laugh when I think of that!  Pretty funny.  I will have to be careful cutting Taylor's hair.  I wouldn't want to shave off an eyebrow....or an ear!!!!

Life is a wonderful challenge:)

Good morning!  I am enjoying my grandson, Taylor, today!  Taylor is here challenging my knowledge of RC helicopters, origins of blackberries, ant spray toxicology, and other such things.  He is so sure of himself....something I have lost along the way.  But I remember being just as sure of myself at his age.  Now I always question how I know something, and wonder if I have got it right.  Such a change...and not necessarily because I have matured.  More like I have aged:)
I am hoping I can persuade him to let me trim his skater cut haircut.  It has gotten rather long.  And he insists that bright pink is a great color for boys.  Which it probably is.  But with his long hair and the pink shirt he comes off a little feminine in this old woman's perspective.  We shall see what I can do.
And other than that I really have no firm plans for today.  Things I could do....finish cleaning up the yard work I did out front for the last couple of days.  It is just so hot that I may leave it for a cooler day.  I have trimmed all the roses, and started on the bushes....cleaned up the weeds, etc.  I piled most of it into a wheelbarrow, but I was hoping Mel would haul it to the back burn pile.  I hate to ask him though, when he has worked so hard all day.  Maybe on Saturday:)  or maybe I will get a burst of energy...not likely I think.
Something that appeals to me is to take a jaunt over to the aquarium.  Boise has a very small aquarium.  But I think there are sharks, and Taylor really likes sharks.  It is a long drive though, and I am not feeling very well rested today.  Maybe I can take a power nap while he watches Toons.  We shall see.
In the meantime I thought I would blog a bit...which I have done.  I hope all is well in cyberspace today.  I am pulling for you!!!!  HAVVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Hi again!  I had a fun day with my three daughters and their children at Lake Lowell today.  I did take a few shots of the beach.  It got quite warm, and I hadn't brought my suit, so I bailed about 3.  Taylor came with me and we stopped at Walmart for some groceries.  He is good company and helps me feel like I am not abandoned in a large, empty house.  And he is fun.  He is always curious....and lately he is also always hungry!  He is eating enough for a couple of little boys!  And he still stays thin.  I used to be like this....what happened? :)
Well, I will post a few pictures and wish you a lovely evening!  Mel just got home.  It's 7.  He's been working late consistently for quite a while.  I guess this is good, since it means he has lots of work.  Take care and HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGE!!!!!!
Me hiding in the shade taking picture...

Julie and Jacob...I think

Julie and Josie?

Not sure

Those little dots out in the distance are Taylor, Aaron, and Sebastian
...I think!


Hola!  I am sitting at the lake with a few of my sweet grandsons who have just proclaimed that Santa is creepy. He stalks you at night when you're sleeping.,,,and even when you're awake!  He knows if you are bad or good!  And he eats cookies....and milk!!!!
It is fun to listen to them. And it is peaceful here at the lake. I should come here more often!  I'll write more later. This is hard!  HAGW!  Me

Monday, August 5, 2013

Families Should be Forever!

Good morning!  OK, my first mistake was to make two very delicious batches of brownies for my niece's open house last night.  The second was to bring them back home with us when they had too much food.  I should have traded them for something I don't love and crave!!!!  I ate a whole row last night!  I don't even dare to take my blood sugar reading this morning.  But I am not hungry so it is probably above 150.  Sigh!!!  I sent a pan with Mel to work.  The boys will love it!  The other one I am putting in the freezer. It may come in handy when I am asked to help with dinner for someone;)
Yesterday was a really nice day though.  Clara gave a really good talk....and kind of funny too.  This last year, as a broadcast journalism major at BYU, she has been running the camera for sports events.  And occasionally she has gone up to SLC to help with conference broadcasts.  Apparently she was asked to run the teleprompter at the October conference when they announced the age change for missionaries.  When she saw on the teleprompter the change for young women, she momentarily forgot to keep the teleprompter going.  There was a Clara says, that was heard around the world:)  The cameras panned to the audience to get their reaction to the news, while Clara was rolled (apparently her chair had wheels) into the hallway so that her supervisor could continue to move the teleprompter forward.  She said she knew that it had changed her life, and that she would be serving a mission....something she had not really planned on doing.  I love the story.  However I rewatched the conference address by Pres. Monson and didn't notice much of a pause.  He is pretty relaxed in front of an audience after so many years of public speaking, I suppose.
Her bishop spoke after her.  We are familiar with him as his dad and mom were our neighbors when we lived in Boise, and we got to know them quite well.  The bishop was brought to our attention about 17 years ago when his wife had quadruplets!  Four boys!  Can you imagine all the work that would be?  They are handsome young men now, seniors in high school this fall.  Anyway, the bishop spoke about a 90th birthday party they had for his dad.  He said his dad was the president of the Simplot company, and well acquainted with J.R. Simplot....the man who sold potatoes to McDonald's.  He said his dad remarked on more than one occasion that all his life, he had watched wealthy men chasing after happiness, but did not know where to find it.  That really does sound like Pres. Dunn (he was our stake president for many years).   Anyway, when it was time to open his birthday presents, he said, "I don't need to open these.  I have everything I need to make me happy right in this room", indicating his children and grandchildren who were all present.  I thought that was pretty sweet....and very true.  There really is no substitute for family!
Something very funny I remember Pres. Dunn saying at a stake conference many years ago.  He said he had been contemplating the "Hereafter" lately.  Then he said that often he found himself out on the patio, wondering what he was here after:)  I loved that!
Well, the morning marches on, so I had better get in step!  I hope life is amazing and wonderful for you today, as it surely will be for me.  Take care!  And HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!  I'm still loving life!  Melody

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Good morning!  It's a beautiful Sabbath day here.  The sun is up and shining away!  And we are all getting ready for Clara's farewell.  It starts at 9, but it is about 50 minutes away.  So not much sleeping in today.  I guess there are so many missionary farewells, that they had to schedule hers for a fast Sunday.  It makes it much easier with a houseful of Michelle's family getting ready also.  No big breakfast!
So I promised a few pictures from yesterday.  Here goes.  I hope all goes well out in cyberspace today.  I am pulling for you.  We're all in this together!  HAVVVVVVVVVGW!!!!  Melody
Looking out at Payette Lake

Looking out again:)

Mel posed for this!

Happy together!

More lake views

Headed back home

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Late night news

Gute Nacht!  We had a fabulous time in Cascade and then drove on up to McCall for lunch. It was so relaxing and beautiful sitting on the balcony of the restaurant overlooking the lake!  There were lots of boaters out, but we decided that the jet skis look like lots of fun!  We will have to take some time for that soon!!  We tried it once several years ago and loved it.
We came home to a house full with three daughters and their families. They had dinner all ready so it was nice for me.
Now it's time for bed. I am glad. I am tired. But it has been a great couple of days.  I took pictures. But I am having difficulty with my iPhone loading them. I'll try again, but it might have to wait til tomorrow after Clara's farewell. I hope you've had a great day in cyberspace today. I'm pulling for you!  Sleep tight!  Sweet Dreams!  Me

Friday, August 2, 2013


Good morning!  I am still waking up.  I accidentally wore my contacts to bed last night, and I woke up to blurry everything.  I didn't realize what was wrong though, until I went to put my contacts in:)  I haven't done that for a long time.  It kind of leaves me with a headache.  But not too bad.
Today is another fun day.  We are having a swim party at Kim's and I think all my daughters and many of their children will be there.  It is kind of our last hoorah before school starts.  Julie's kids start on the 21st, and my school begins on the 27th.  I can hardly believe that summer vacation is almost over.  August used to be when we would leave on a child, and also when Mel worked for Micron.  When I was little we had the whole month, since my parents both taught school, and school didn't start back then until September.  I think it is weird to begin school in August.  Sigh!!  And double sigh!!!
So then after the pool party, Mel and I will head up to Cascade for our empty nester's overnighter at the ranch.  It should be fun.  They are expecting quite a crowd so we are staying at the Ashley Inn.  I am excited about that, as I love that place!  And it will be fun to visit with friends.  We have quite a few new couples in the ward that have moved in this last year.  A lot of people have bought homes that were foreclosed on.  Such a strange time in the economy!
Another strange thing....all week it has felt like Friday every day.  Now that it really is Friday it sort of feels like Tuesday!  I think my inner time clock is a little confused.  Perhaps it is because I am not sleeping as well as I should.
I thought I would share a few of the photos that Taylor took yesterday.  He is 10, and trying hard to look like Justin Bieber:)  I'll be glad when he realizes he doesn't have to try to look like anyone else.  He's good enough just the way he is!!!
So I am hoping all is well and happy in cyberspace today.  Take care.  Remember I am pulling for you!  We're all in this together.  And HAVVVVVVVVVVVVGW!!!  Melody

Little brother Alex

Cool shirt logo

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Remains of Today

Good evening!  The house is quiet again.  It is such a contrast!  We had 8 grandchildren for most of today, plus their mommies.  It was fun.  I love all of the commotion.  But I guess it is nice to have it quiet again.....for a short while.  I really don't like how very, very quiet it gets around here!  The funny thing is how much all of the kids wanted to hold the kittens.  It became a kind of battle for a while...who got to hold the kitten!  Poor kitties!  They are kind of worn out.  Julie got a wonderful photo of Hunter grinning with a grimacing cat.  I will post it when she forwards it to me.
Well, I just needed to write for a minute.  It kind of clears my brain.  Take care out there in cyberspace! Sweet Dreams!!!  Me

Enjoying the Moments

Good day!  This morning has sped by as I've been a Mommy for a day!  Remember Queen for a Day?  I like being a mommy better!  Taylor and Alex spent the night....they stayed up late (11) and were up early (7).  So me too.  Mel rushed off to work:)  He does have a lot to do there, but I think he is not as happy to go back to Daddy for a day.  Anyway, we have had a good morning.  We started out with waffles, then we went to Walmart to pick up some Allegra for Taylor.  He has asthma, and he also loves kittens....which causes him to get all stuffed up and puffy eyed....Even though he is careful to wash his hands after playing with them.  So I figured we would pump him full of antihistamines.  It seems to have helped considerably.  And I really think that is tons easier than not allowing him to play with the kittens.  He loves them!
He has also discovered my digital camera and has been taking pictures of everything!  He just came in and announced that the card is full!  I have never gotten the card full.  I think it holds 120 pictures!  It makes me laugh just a little.  I will upload them onto my computer and share any that I like later on...after they go home.  I feel a little pushed...and except for being tired and sore...I love it!  I really do miss having kids at home.
I also made reservations for the Ashley Inn up in Cascade.  We were going to take the trailer but I think it is a little stressful for Mel, he still has to charge the batteries, and a bunch of other stuff.  Also he is worried about pulling it with the Explorer.  He sold his truck.  So he is truckless and the Explorer is iffy as far as pulling the trailer.  We have done it before...even had special stuff done to it to make it possible.  But it is not very stable, and I worry it will pull us off a cliff or something:)  Yeah, I am a worrier for sure.
Well, I would love to keep writing, but my house may not survive:)  Take care out there in cyberspace! Is there really such a color as mango souffle?  Ha!  That is the best!!!  HAVVVVVVVGW!!!  Melody