Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A River ...er...dog....Runs Through It!

Good evening!  It's been a good day.  Kenny met us for lunch in the middle of it, and that was great.  He seems to be happier.  His divorce was a tough one, and it has taken him a while to feel good about himself again.  I feel sad that he has had to go through such a hard thing, but I guess it goes back to how we each get our own bag of rocks.  Some seem heavier than others though.
In classes today I felt anxious to be done with things.  I have something to do for every class though.  The first set of stuff that is due is for my anatomy drawing class.  I have a drawing to finish by Thursday, when everything for that class is due.  Then Friday everything is due for my senior exhibition class.  Then Tuesday everything is due for my graphic design class.  And finally Wednesday everything is due for illustration.  Then I will be done, done, done.  And I have all the way to the middle of January when I will take that painting class.  So it will be a nice break.
Things are pretty good though, despite the feeling of impending deadlines.  I know it will soon be over I guess, so the deadlines aren't so scary.
I hope all is well in cyberspace tonight.  I am still pulling for you.  And realizing how quick it all seems to be passing right now.  Somehow I expected life to slow down a little when the kids left the house....of course, maybe one of the reasons it seems to have sped up is that they're back!  Ha, ha!  It's really not so bad.  I like all of the noise and merriment.  It's just the dogs running through things that kind of gets to me, but I am even getting used to that.  So have a good night!  Sweet dreams!!!!  Melody

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