Friday, December 6, 2013

Hot vs. Cold

Hola!  I am feeling good tonight!  I went to the school and finished my on campus volunteer work...curating the permanent collection at the student union building.  That feels good to have finished.  Then tomorrow I get to spend the day volunteering in the community art scene.  I am a little concerned about that as it is supposed to be 0 degrees in the morning with the wind chill, and I am scheduled to be outside in the farmer's market.  I suppose I can wear layers of warm clothes:)  I can do this.  And I really like the lady I am volunteering for.  She is about my age, got her degree in printmaking about five years ago, and started a printmaking shop for the community to use.  She is very nice and should be fun to get to know a little better.
Earlier today I spent counseling with my daughter.  I guess her son has been being bullied at school.  It is upsetting of course, and Liz is very upset.  So I talked her into going in and talking to the school.  But they seem a little unconcerned.  It is frustrating!  I may help her homeschool him for the rest of the year.  We'll see.
In other news, I did get some sketches done for illustration.  I drew a few pictures of a fox, thinking I will make him look like he is dancing, and sent them to my teacher and he liked them.  So now I just have to put some finishing touches on them, paint them and call it good.  I just hope it is.  I kind of like them, although I think I will have to fatten up the first one.

Well, tonight should be a good, good night.  Ha!  That makes me laugh.  One of the songs I hear a lot on campus says, "Tonight's gonna be a good night!"  And that is all it says....over and over and over.  It is kind of a catchy tune, but I have gotten so tired of hearing it!!!!!
So the sign downtown....."Fingers - digital computers!"  That one made me chuckle.
And that's all folks!  I hope your Friday night is lovely and warm.  It is going to be so cold here.  Didn't we already do this last year?  I was really enjoying the warm weather!!!!  Oh, maybe not.  I forgot how hot it got.  Well, anyway.  I am hoping the weather is fine where ever you may be this evening.  Take care and remember I am still pulling for you!!!!!!!  HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVGN!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

It's way cold here too and I have to go out in it today to complete Christmas stuff.
I loved your drawing; please post the pictures when they are complete.
I think this bulling thing is really getting to be bad in schools. Has it increased or are we just hearing more about it. It's sad.
Blessings to you dear friend!