Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nighty Night!!!!

Hi!  I am feeling very good right now.  I just tucked in the last picture in my anatomy drawing portfolio.  And most of the drawings I feel very good about.  I think I really draw in that copying images from the photos.  Just drawing real people straight from my own mind to my hand. It is a great feeling.  But I do wish they'd put on some clothes:)
So now I can sleep tonight, and go to class tomorrow feeling like, "I did it!"  There were some tense moments when I really didn't think I would.  It seems I kept getting a curve ball thrown at me.  But I am getting good at catching.
So one down, three to go.  The next one is my senior exhibition.  It is all done except for two hours I have to volunteer on Friday night.  But that should pass quickly.  Unfortunately it is our ward Christmas party night, and Mel is in a skit.  So he and I will be at different fun.  I don't like doing that much.
So I tested my "Find my iphone" app tonight.  I couldn't find my iphone, but with the help of that app on my ipad I found it!!!  It was great.  I had put it in the pocket of my work apron, and forgotten that I had.  It was muffled enough that we couldn't call it and hear it, but the sound on the app was very loud, and we found it immediately!  So there's my plug for a valuable app.  The funniest part was, the sound was coming from my art studio and all the kids rushed to the door.  Luckily they are not allowed in so no one walked in on my latest nude.  I really will be glad to throw these in a fire soon!
And that is all from the land of Nod tonight.  I am thinking I will go and do some nodding.  I  got a couple of cortisone shots in my knees today.  It will feel great in a couple of days, but tonight it is a little sore and I am thinking bed sounds grrrrrrreat!  Sweet Dreams!  I'm still pulling for you!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I think I am pullin for you. I like that you have your anatomy paintings completed. I do think it would be hard to paint them without clothes on. I know that they have been teaching that kind of art forever.
I do hope your knees are feeling better soon.