Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What Does The Farmer Say? (Ylvis - The Fox PARODY)

Good morning.  I am having such a nice morning!  No school work and just hanging out talking to Julie.  It is so nice to have all of the pressure gone!  Little Hunter goes to the dentist this morning, so I am going to watch Caleb, 8, who woke up sick today.  But then I will go get Liz and take her to lunch.  I never get to see her with my crazy schedule, so it should be lots of fun.  She has Alex, 2, my youngest grandson, so that will be fun for him too.  Then I may do a little Christmas shopping.  I haven't even sent out Christmas cards.  So I guess a different kind of pressure now.  But I can handle this!
So I had to share this video.  It made me laugh so hard.  This is so funny!  A real good parody of "What does the fox say?"  I love how all of the activities are so true to farming!  They work so hard!  Just thought I would share.  Enjoy your day!  I'm still pulling for you! Melody

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LeAnn said...

Cute video and enjoy your new stress. I am acually really stressed by so much to do. I want to simplify it all. I am working on that one.
Blessings and have an awesome day.