Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hiding Out

Hi!  My headache is gone....almost.  I am pretty sure it is a sinus thing.  That is a relief.  I was afraid it might be the blood thinner I am taking because it can be a side effect and when I first started taking it I had headaches, but they went away.  So I am glad that this is also going away...along with the cough and tired stuff.  I really hadn't intended this blog to be a health log, so that is all.
On to better things...which is the book I am reading for book club.  It is called, "My name used to be Mohammed."  It is a fascinating account of a Nigerian Islamic man who converts to Christianity.  And the most amazing part is....it is Mormonism:)  Of course his life is not easy and right now he is in jail in the part where I am reading....1999 I think.  I am almost through the book and I only started it last night, so that should be some indication of how interesting it is.  I am glad it is such a good read since book club is in the morning....at 9 am.  I hope I can get up on time:)  I have been sleeping in a lot this vacation.
I am also planning on going over to Jodell's tomorrow.  She invited me over to paint.  I feel kind of excited for that, as I haven't been painting at all this break and I am afraid I will forget how!  So we should have fun.  She has so many beautiful paintings at her house from her dad and brothers and sisters.  It is fun just to see what she has.  I will ask her if I can take a few photos for my blog:)
Well, I hope things are fun and fascinating in cyberspace today.  Sorry I don't have more to write.  I could tell you about the fun time being had by all as they watch a Wii dance video out in the great room:)  It is a little noisy out there right now, which might explain why I am hiding out in here:)  Take care and remember I am pulling for you!!!!  HAVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVWonderfulNight!!!!!  Melody

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