Tuesday, January 28, 2014

On endorphins I think:)

Hola!  I thought I should report the wonderful class time I enjoyed today.  I did manage to get all of my supplies into class.  But even so I borrowed a brush from my teacher when he offered.  It was a really amazing brush too!  An Utrecht scenic fitch brush..1 1/2 inches.  It was so thick and held the paint so great for the initial coat of paint for my imprimatura painting, which is fantastically fun.  I think I may adopt this method for all of my paintings.  Of course, it is just a start right now.  But I really like it.  We are supposed to do a still life for homework, so I will post it when I get it started.
I do love this class!  It is what I took art for....to learn to paint....really paint.  And I am learning that...finally!!!!  Today I think I learned about 5 or 6 new things.  I was going to list them, but I think it might bore you...and you'd realize how little I know!  I feel a little like a beginner in there.  I guess in all truth I still am a beginner.  But that is fine, if I can learn how to become better at painting.  I am so happy and grateful to be taking this class.
After class I went swimming.  I am going to report that along with everything else.  I think it will be an incentive to keep at it if I know I have to report in:)  I always am so surprised how much I love swimming.  I guess it was my family's main recreational activity growing up.  Sadly, Mel does not like swimming very much.  He almost drowned as a youngster, so even though he is a good swimmer, he feels insecure in the water.  Too bad because it is really such a relaxing way to exercise.  And as I mentioned before I love sitting in the hot tub afterwards.   It is a good way to feel like I am warm.  It is so cold here this winter with the inversion.  I will be glad for some sunshine.  It is forecast for the end of the week.
Well, I am flabbering again.  I better head for bed.  Take care out there in cyberspace!  I'm still pulling for you!!!  Sweet Dreams!!!!!  Melody

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