Friday, January 31, 2014

Ready, Set......Go Paint!

Good morning!  It is another sunny day here.  I am loving seeing the sky again.  It makes me feel warm and sunshiney inside.
So today I have homework....a still life imprimevera.  It should be fun and interesting.  Yesterday my teacher was talking about how he always has to clean something in his studio before he can start painting.  It orders his mind somehow.  And I thought... well, I do that.  But blogging does it much more thoroughly.  Somehow by writing things down, it orders my mind so I can think more clearly.   So this morning I have cleaned the kitchen thoroughly so that that part of my brain is not nagging me.  And now I am blogging, so that I can think and paint more clearly.
I took a picture of my painting from yesterday to share.  It is the beginning of the dead palette layer...which is painting the lights with an earth palette.  It is far from done, but you can kind of get an idea of what we are doing.
I am enjoying the process.  Although I must admit I stink at it.  But I will keep working at it.  It is tons of fun.  And I think I am not doing any worse than the rest of the class.  We are all trying hard to be fantastic:)  I am still struggling with mixing colors.  But I think I am getting better at it with each attempt.  And I have a new palette that is so ordered!  Well, as ordered as I can make it.  I tend to be a little messy with paint.  But I am learning to be more thoughtful and to place my paint intentionally.  I do have to fight myself a little on this, because I have some bad habits.
Well, I guess my mind is in order now.  I will set up my still life and get painting.  Have a most wonderful day today in cyberspace!!!  I'm still pulling for you!!!!  We're all in this together!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

Here in Utah we are having sun off an on. At least the inversion is better.
I really like that you share the stages of your are. I think it looks good now. I can't imagine doing faces; I would think that is very hard to do.