Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rested and Rarin' to Go!

Good merry morning to you!  I am feeling so rested!!!  I took some Zzzzquil....and it worked!  Thank you!!!   I did wake up once, but I fell back asleep until I heard Mel texting on his iphone this morning.  (I have since turned off the sound for his keyboard:)  I am usually laying there waiting for the day to begin, so it was nice to not be the first person awake.  I am feeling very good.
So today I had planned to paint with Jodell.  But instead I think I will spend time with my daughters again.  I like spending time with them, and painting can wait.  And also I think I need to watch my watercolor instructional videos again.  I have forgotten so much.  It is not the medium I usually use anymore.  Or if I do, it is more close detailed work, not the free handed lovely way of painting with watercolors that I love.  And these videos I have are fun.  The artist is Joseph Zbukvic.  He is so skilled and gives some good ideas on painting.  Here is a link to his work.  Zbukvic  And here are some of my favorite paintings of his.  He does give workshops.  So maybe someday.
I love how he uses the paint to give atmosphere
My visiting teachers came this morning already.  It was fun to visit with them.  I showed them my organized studio and they were impressed.  It does feel good to come in here now.  It is really a retreat from the rest of my chaotic life:)
So I will get to it.  I hope your day is calm and happy.  Take care, be safe and enjoy the sunshine!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I think it is awesome you can spend another day with your daughter. I loved the paintings; they were lovely. I am sure you can whip out a good one.
Blessings and hugs!