Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Day, All is Well!

Good evening!  It has turned into a pretty good day.  It started out kinda sleepy.  I took some Zzzquil about 4 am...just a third of a dose....cuz I couldn't sleep.  So I had a hard time feeling awake.  And because I had class today I was a little worried about it.  But by lunchtime I was wide awake and feeling happy to be me again.  So I went to class.  I had a little catch up to do in there since I missed class on Tuesday, but I feel like I made good progress.  They have changed the models, so it is harder since I am not familiar with the new models.  But it was challenging and fun.  I really do like this method of painting.  I brought home my painting from last time so that I could photograph the face and share it, but I waited too long to take the photo and it is pretty dark and hard to see the colors.  So maybe a suspense sequel!
Anyway, I barely got home before Liz called and needed me to come and get Taylor.  I guess with home school she needed a break.  I love being with Taylor, so it is fun for me.  We should have a great weekend!  And Liz can rest up a little.
So that is all the news of today!  Ha, ha!  I left out the part of the long commute....back and forth to Boise.  It does take about 45 minutes.  But I listen to the Mormon channel and NPR and the time goes by quickly.  How are things in cyberspace?  I hope well.  Take care and HAVVVVVVVVVVGN!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I love to listen to novel or other church talks when I drive. It seems to make the time go faster. I didn't realize you had to travel so far into Boise.
It's always fun to have a break with a grandchild that you love.