Saturday, February 15, 2014

Just Another Day in Paradise

Hola!  I am enjoying today. Mostly enjoying the company of kids and grand kids, eating Valentines candy and taking it easy. I did work on my painting a little. Julie says it looks like me...only I look high or something. The eyes are kinda weird.  But that has to do with the medium I think. I can correct it with real brushes and painting....hopefully. I doubt it will look much like me even then. But it is helping me to learn and practice.
 I thought I would share the painting I did in class the other day.  I like it.
It is only painted on the left side. It is the second step of the indirect painting method. I think it is so fun.  But I have probably said that enough!  I hope with practice I can learn to do this well.
So what else to write about today?  Bunnies?  Puppies?  How about laundry?  I had forgotten about the piles of laundry that go with a large family. Currently we have quite a few loads.  The hard part is to keep it going. I tend to forget it.  I don't think a picture would help, but just imagine the way it used to be when all the kids were home;)
I hope life is good for you today.  Take care. I am still pulling for you!!!!!!  HAVVVVGRest of Today!!!!

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LeAnn said...

I can't imagine painting myself; of course i am far from talented in painting. I like landscapes and i don't think I would do good with faces. I liked your pictures; I can tell that you are going to really do well it this process.