Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Hi!  I am obsessing....can you tell?  I had to go back and fix the painting.  I couldn't stand that it looked so sad.  So here is the revised version.
She still looks serious, but not quite so sad.  Maybe just tired:)
Julie and Randy are leaving tomorrow!!!  I guess that  is what has got me going.  I am kind of reeling.  Randy came home from work excited that his boss told him he had two more days of work, but that he didn't have to come in for them.  So he is done.  He brought a big truck home with him and they are putting all of their stuff inside.  They plan to leave here by noon tomorrow.  So then I will be back to a very quiet house.  Weird!!!!  I thought I had a couple of more days to adjust to this.
I am not good at packing trucks.  I can't carry boxes up a ramp.  I can hardly walk up a ramp anymore.  I can't believe that once I moved so easily...over and over and over again.  I think we moved something like 20 times...mostly back and forth to school, but also back and forth between Utah and California.  I am not sure how we ended up in Idaho.  At any rate I am not good at moving now.  But Randy's dad had his knee replaced last year, and he can't go up the ramp either.  So I guess I shouldn't feel too bad.
I may not be able to get a knee replacement.  At least that is what the vascular surgeon said.  Blood clots are really a possibility with those, and so I may not be able to take that risk.  I see him next week again for further consultation.  I guess they are doing an ultrasound of my legs....vein wise.    I should also see my regular doctor.  I still have to make an appointment with him.  I get kind of tired of all of it.  I would just like to be well please:)
So I hope things are well in cyberspace.  Have a good night!!!  Sweet dreams!!!!!!!  Melody

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