Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ocean Side

Good evening!  I walked on the beach today and thought of one of the lines from a favorite song of mine. "His love can be seen in all directions!"  It was so beautiful, sunny and clear and warm!  I will add a few photos so you can see too.  I am so blessed!  How many sunny days are there at the beach in the winter?  And in the middle of a huge storm?  Well maybe quite a few. I am glad we experienced one. 
Tomorrow we are headed back to Idaho. First to Portland to return our car rental. Then on along the Columbia River. I hope the roads are a little better than when we came!  And I hope I get back in time for class....I to be safe. We will be careful. 
One nice thing is we've been able to listen to the Mormon channel. I especially enjoy listening to conference talks. It keeps things in perspective. 
So I am hoping all is well in cyberspace. Take care!  Have a wonderful and peace filled Sabbath evening!   Melody

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Lovely pictures of all and the ocean. It looks like you had a perfect day.
Blessings and enjoy the drive back.