Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Evening

Good evening!  It has been a pretty good day today....not perfect, but pretty good.  Which reminds me of something Mel said today.  We were talking to our home teachers, exchanging stories, and Mel said, "When I was a pretty little boy...."  I laughed right out loud.  I know I was rude, but sometimes he can say the funniest things.  Of course what he meant to say was that he was a young boy when the story happened.
Anyway, things keep hopping around here.  Julie and Randy have much of their stuff packed up, but are still gathering things from around the house.  Of course, Sunday is a day of rest, so they did no packing today.  But they did do a bit of scurrying around before the home teachers came....picking up after children, who seem oblivious to the fact that things should be put away occasionally.  I will not miss the clutter much.  But I will miss the sweet sounds of children commenting on life around them.  Naia is probably the most vocal.  At 5 years old, her vocabulary is astounding, and her understanding amazing.  She is always making us laugh.  Tonight at dinner she did not really want to eat her dinner....only dessert.  So we played the "San Lorenzo bird" game.  It is where you put food on the fork and then start looking for that San Lorenzo bird who is always so hungry and will rush in and grab the food off of the fork when you are looking under the table for him.  Julie and Mel were looking under the table, Naia snatched the food off of the fork...and saw me looking at her...knowing that I knew she was the San Lorenzo bird.  Julie looked up, saw the food gone, and said, "Wow, the San Lorenzo bird got that piece of fruit.  It couldn't have been you, right Naia?  You are just chewing your mashed potatoes."  Naia nodded, and then looked over at me and winked and smiled!  She is so funny! I will miss her little pranks!  Oh and just in case you are wondering, San Lorenzo is the town where I first learned the game...hence the name.
An interesting thing happened in church.  Last week I received the nicest note in the mail, from a lady I admire in our ward.  It was about how she admired me, and appreciated me.  I was very surprised to receive it, and flattered.  And it also made my had been kind of a hard day.  Anyway, I went up to her after Relief Society to thank her and to tell her how much I appreciated it.  She got tears in her eyes, and said she had worried all week about it.  She was afraid I would think it was weird or something.  Anyway, it made me think how hard it is for us all to really know what is in each others hearts.  I assured her that her note was most welcome and had cheered me and given me the courage to keep on going.  In my heart I feel like she was inspired to do that and it really came at a time that I needed encouragement.  I guess we all need to follow those promptings and to encourage each other along this rather rocky and challenging path.
Taylor came with us to church did Liz and little Alex.  Liz and Alex left after sacrament meeting, but Taylor stayed.   He will miss his cousins too.
Well, I had better get on with things around here.  I hope all is well and happy in cyberspace.  Take care and remember I am pulling for you!!!  We're all in this together!!!!  HAVVVVVVVVVVGN!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

Oh it is very hard to have your children move out and away. I know how you are feeling. I really miss my grandchildren. I am not blessed to have them all close. I only have one son's family that live about 1 hour a way.
I love that you got a not from a friend that admires you. I admire you!
Blessings and hugs!