Thursday, February 27, 2014

Wild and Blue

Good morning!  I am adjusting to life at my house today.  Lots of quiet!  I am surprised.  But soon it will be all hustle and bustle as Julie, Randy and seven children load into their vehicles and head off into the wild blue yonder.  It is raining here today.  I figure I am not the only one sad that they are leaving.  But we will all adjust.  That is life as we know it...full of change and new attitude adjustments.  Most of the kids are pretty happy about this move, but I think a few of them are feeling the anxiety of new home and friends and school.  I remember in a grieving class I took through the university, that moving was considered a grieving time.  I can believe it!
So I just had to write a little for my own sanity this morning.  I hope all is happy and well in cyberspace today!  Take care and HAMWD!!!!!!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

Yes, moving is grieving time. I am sure you will feel pretty sad.
I will be praying for you all.
Blessings and hugs!