Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Getting motivated!

Hola!  I am feeling a little lazy today!  It's hard to get going.  But I have a color chart to work on and a homework assignment to begin of an imprimatura still life.  This seems challenging.  So I am putting it off....maybe writing that will motivate me to actually start on it.  I have until Tuesday to do the first step, which is painting the initial layer.  We have a cup and a few pictures to work with.  It looks very challenging!  I hope I can do this well.
So here I go!  Wish me luck!!!!  Melody


Brian Crane said...

Good luck!! I'm sure you will do well. What a boring life it would be without challenges. Although I wouldn't mind trying it for awhile just for fun :)

singing/granny said...


LeAnn said...

You are wished luck in your painting. However, I think you will just do good no matter what. You certainly are very busy. I really enjoy your day to day posts.
Blessings to you!