Monday, March 31, 2014

It's Monday Night the World Around!

Good Family Home Evening!  We are getting ready to leave for the Muppet movie with Taylor.  I took him swimming this afternoon, and he thought it might be fun to have FHE with us.  We invited the rest of the family but they had other plans.  I am kind of excited to go to a movie.  And I love the muppets.
I met with a nurse from the diabetic clinic here in town today.  It was so helpful.  I think I needed a little pep talk about my health and well being.  And she had some good suggestions for my diet.  So I am feeling pretty good about things.  Now if I can just do what I need to do.
And tomorrow class begins again.  I keep looking at my homework and wondering what else to do.  I may take it into class and ask the teacher...but then I would have to follow through:)  We shall see.
So I hope life is good today in cyberspace.  I am pulling for you!!!!  We're all in this together!!!  Happy family night!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I will imagine that you have an awesome time with your little one at the movie. The is a wonderful FHE activity.
Blessings for you!