Sunday, March 30, 2014

Peace and Good Will!

Good morning world!  I think today will be a good day.  It is Sunday after all, and that is always an advantage.  I love Sundays...probably because I get to be home with Mel part of the day.  But also because I love church and our friends there.  Lately Liz and her boys have been coming and that is especially nice.  But they are sick today, so it will be just Mel and I.  I have gotten kind of used to being a row of people what with Julie and then Liz and their families.  It will seem a little strange with just the two of us.
I loved the Women's Conference last night.  I especially liked a video they had of how to serve our sisters and families.  There was one scene where an older woman was with her loving husband, and then the next scene she was at his funeral with her family all about her.  It was so touching.  The temple was in the background.  It made me think how our families are eternal and I am so grateful for that fact. I just hope I can be worthy of those temple blessings.  I try hard to live as I should, to be a good wife and mother, grandmother, sister and daughter, aunt and friend.  I am not perfect at any of it, but I keep trying.  I hope I can become like my elder brother, Jesus Christ.
He is my perfect example and inspiration.  I am so grateful for his constant love and concern for me and my loved ones.  I am grateful for the faith that I have been blessed with and all of the strength that I receive from that faith.  I am a witness that God lives and loves each one of us!
And that seems like a good place to end.  I hope life is good to you today!!!  Melody

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LeAnn said...

I loved this very sweet post. I feel just like you. I did enjoy the conference. I am grateful eternal families. Right now my brother has cancer and he has been given about 2 months to live. He is my last sibling so I will not have any left. I don't know what I wold do if I didn't have the faith I do that we will be together again.